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Ever Realms Reborn- A North American Server

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Back in my day we conducted our investigations in private.

Then again, the investigation was more or less reading "Xaphan"'s post containing a DoS script.
I mean it's a freakin game, it's just sad to see how low people would stoop to try and feel wanted by people
Shane was removed 2 days ago Luna.  And was suspended/demoted 3-4 days ago.  He's arrogant, feels that he is better than everyone, which annoyed the rest of the staff, and a liar.  Hence why he was removed.
I have been taking it up with people in private, I'm not the culprit.  Shane is just pissed we ip blocked him from our server. 

So everyone can cry all they want because it does not effect me in any way. 
Well, I want ever realm to be up, the hard core rpers just complain when they are on a war server or general pw server.

Some people enjoy both, and go back in forth depending on the mood they are in.

NA is split like that.

EU is more like HCRP in general, NA General is more like a big giant war, than you have the small medium sized bunch that just wants to type all day and make role play scenarios which is hard / nearly impossible on a general NA server.

Last time Avalon was up, it shared NA with nexus HCRP in perfect harmony.  Anyway I hope things get sorted out. 
If players still do go on this forums, and the ones who played on Ever Realm.  We are revamping the server under a new name.  In partnership with Requiem Servers, NA Avalon HCRP will be coming
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