[Event] The Battle for Tarwin's Gap

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The Battle for Tarwin's Gap

Tarmon Gai'din is close at hand. The Shadow is amassing its force and moving towards Tarwin's Gap.
A small force of Shienarans stationed at the gap now have the vital task of holding their ground.

The Battle for Tarwin's Gap is an event hosted by the 17th Regiment of Foot.
To contact people in charge, join the 17th teamspeak at and speak with either: Guard, Jammy or Gesha.

This event pits two factions against each other. One faction must hold its ground with inferior numbers while the other faction must crush the defenders.
The map consists out of a mountain pass, a white line is drawn on the ground to indicate where the defenders have to hold. Archers will be available on both sides, but their sight will be greatly reduced by fog.

When: 19:00 GMT
Where: EU_Union_Events
Who: Anyone can join, this is a public event

  • Team killing/hitting is not allowed.
  • Soldiers have to keep to their leaders/officers.
  • No glitching, don't go up the sides of the map.
  • No prolonging the round, if you're the last man standing, congratulations, now fight to the death.
  • Obey the admins, their decisions are absolute.
  • No trolling.

The Factions
The admins decide what faction you join.

This is the defending faction. If you are told to join the defending team, spawn and head up the left stairs. They will have access to Nordic equipment. Their success will depend on their ability to work together as a team, protect the men to your sides. The idea is to create a shield wall on the line. If they can defeat their attackers, they will win the round.

The Shadow
This is the attacking faction. If you are told to join the attacking team, spawn and head up the right stairs.They will have access to Sarranid equipment. They will also have horses. Their objective is to kill all the Shienarans. After you've spawned and mounted up you should get ready to charge on the command of your leading officer.

Yes, this event is themed towards Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series only because seeing the map made me think of Tarwin's Gap.
The fact that the Shienarans aren't using two handed swords and the fact that the Shadow has no large furry Trollocs is purely because the event didn't originally have a theme, I apologise for that.
Event hosted by the 17th Regiment of Foot
The map is made by Guard
Whilst it is hosted on 17th Regiment hardware, the event itself is organized by Guard and any queries regarding it should be directed to him. It is a one off event, and we ("Union", "17th Regiment") have no intent of trying to compete with Aldric's already popular weekly events.
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