In Progress Even with the latest Beta Patch Siege Battles are still unplayable

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Yes, but I removed mods.
Its been almost 1 year since this game came out and one of the core features of this game; the siege battles are still unplayable due to the AI. Currently the AI still do not posses the intelligence to use the ladders on the siege towers and defenders swarm the ramp when the ramp is dropped. Devs, I am begging you to please address this issue instead of making more cheer animations. Players love Siege battles, make Siege Battles Great Again!

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We are aware of the Siege related issues and currently working towards fixing them. Thanks for reporting!
I wanted to try a new playthrough with 1.58 beta to see if something changed in sieges, but it seems nothing changed, so i'll just save some time and wait more months before play again...

I don't get why sieges are let aside like that, it's a core gamepley feature of M&B... If i want to be spectator of a siege i'll just watch a good movie, cause for now "playing" a siege in Bannerlord is just like being spectator of blobs of troops trying to climb ladders and troops doing stupid things.
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Same, waiting months for a fix on this and the mixed troop types in the same group in sieges. It is a core feature and making it playable should have priority over minor polishes and new features.
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