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EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

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A table has been made and is just below the deadline date. Thanks to Ronny for the table, each team is updated there with their team mates. Bracket of the matches to be posted later this weekend.


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Team name: pirates of the croatian stat maker
Tag: tortuga_
Players in your team: hasbulla_magomedov, abdu_rozik, my_dick, artur_walczak
Captains steam link: steam


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It's Sunday people (Deadline day) you have till Midnight to sign up before the tournament will be locked off to sign up's! On the spoiler link you will find an actual table added now with the upto date teams and participants.
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Team name: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose
Tag: N/A
Players in your team: Peter, Maximou, Brian
Captains steam link: Maximou
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