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EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

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Sergeant at Arms

So its my first time making a tournament really, but I want the community to have a new change until the next big tournament is made, So enjoy and i shall try my best to make this work!​


1. The matches are consisted in a 3 vs 3 format.
2. Each match will consist of FT10 x2 with a faction swap of the teams choice of which faction they decide to play.
3. If there is a tie breaker, there will be a final FT10 and the team to win that final set will progress forward.
4. Looting the other teams weapons and shield is not permitted. Doing so could end up in points deducted or disqualification.
5. Whatever your name is that you sign up with you must play as, that includes the tag.
6. Each team will be requested to post a screenshot of the final result.
7. If there is any suspected cheating there will be a pause in the match and ID'S will be checked before it can continue.
7.1 If a team is caught cheating the team will be immediatly withdrew from the tournament.
8. Only 1000 gold gear is allowed, no upgrades, polearms or two handed weapons.
9. Each player must use a shield, even if it is the free one.
10. Every faction is free to use and that includes...KHERGITS!
11. Each match you face you will have a deadline, you must play this match before the deadline ends.
12. There will be no racism, homofobia or insulting at all. If your team breaks this rule you will be disqualified.
13. Any player known for previous cheating will not be allowed to participate.
14. No throwing weapons are allowed.
15. Team names must be appropriate (nothing racist or homophobic).
16. Finally, just enjoy this before the main tournament and have fun!

Tournament Administrator:​


Team name:
Players in your team:
Captains steam link:

Player Addition:
Team Name:
Player's Name:

Player Removal:
Team Name:
Players Name:

Sign up deadline: 6th of June. Bracket to be posted after the deadline cut off.

BRACKET: https://challonge.com/de/Shovenio


Team NamePlayersSteam Link
PS4 PLAYERSok_, Juan_Rodriguez, toyota-Steam
KILLINGS are right. Loser is KILLED.Haytymir, Asidesar, Krzysiovsky, zydSteam
WarsawAdek, Einar, AzorektSteam
SnusGangMaxxxio, Zulu, HolyWarrior, SlakoSteam
Lil peepseko, emo, mamiSteam
TriumvirateKade, Flail, Neyth, Totenflak. GamerDogSteam
OROSPU_Fatihbey, Thoe, GORGONITE, blackmortisSteam
AriandelleAela, Popo, BogdziSteam
Sbobatchawww, Grimoald, MarcSteam
2016's FinestGibby, Arni, Bloody_DeathSteam
dog slayersONeil, Varadin, Kani, ZeydenSteam
Team 1503AngryNerd, Longinus, DonNeto, LGN_ShovenioSteam
dog ownersAras, AralZ, Roman. KawaiiSteam
Erotic RoleplayersSean, Tunfisk, Nejtro, DiasSteam
Bonkers GamingAscarion, Bullez, RonnyJonnySteam
Knights and MerchantsPikeman, Bowman, Catapult, Knight, CrossbowmanSteam
pirates of the croatian stat makerhasbulla_magomedov, abdu_rozik, my_dick, artur_walczakSteam
NERD SQUADBaldwin_Agardth, SteelYr, Browni, Blue_RangerSteam
hahahanoDarkLight, Charlini, LevSteam
Oblivion NPCSheogorath, Adoring_Fan, GoblinSteam
TeamRolfALag_Queen, Noidem, Out_Of_TimeSteam
TeamRolfBOlum, Aljosha, ButzeSteam
Abortus FailedBrownMilk, jb, zeyko, awlSteam
PatronizersCaius, Horaz, Kellermann, SpecimenSpecimen
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't LosePeter, Maximou, Brian, ThorrMaximou

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Team name: KILLINGS are right. Loser is KILLED.
Tag: KarLiK
Players in your team: Haytymir [ID: 2216374], Asidesar [ID: 2218729], Krzysiovsky [ID: 5125794]
Captains steam link:
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Team name: Lil peeps
Tag: Lil_peep
Players in your team:
Captains steam link: ekcnn

Gibby Jr

Team name: 2016's Finest
Tag: N/A (Just our names)
Players in your team: Gibby, Arni, Bloody_Death
Captains steam link: Gibby
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Sergeant at Arms
Team name: dog slayers
Tag: N/A
Players in your team: ONeil, Varadin, Kani
Captains steam link: ONeil
Will also put your tag as DS on the sheet since Gibbys team is gonna be GAZ just so you guys can see who you're on the sheet for what team you guys play
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