EU Duel In-progress European 2h Duel Tournament I 200€ Prize Pool {SIGNUPS CLOSED}

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European Two-Handed Sword Tournament I
Organized by: Raef



Welcome to the first two handed sword duel tournament organized by me in Bannerlord.

Money can only be transfered via Steam or Paypal.

1st Place: 110€
2nd Place: 60€
3rd Place: 30€


  • Duels are to be performed with the Aserai Guard Troop ONLY due to balancing reasons and both opponents must duel uniquely with the Two-Handed sword perk, Tabar and Bardiche are not allowed.
  • 1v1 dueling tournament.
  • Duels will either be played when the Aserai faction is present in the Duel Mode Server or in a custom duel server (IF TW is generous enough to grant one before the tournament.... %: 1/999)
  • If you have trouble scheduling a match with a opponent please let an admin know.
  • Post results of the match on this forum.
  • Matches are Ft7. Semi-Finals: FT9 Final: BO3 FT7
  • Double Elimination.
  • Players have one week to complete their designated match. Both players are expected to add their opponent on steam and monitor their Taleworlds private messages in order to set up a reasonable match time with their opponent. If evidence is provided that a player is unresponsive and does not attempt to duel their opponent within the given week, that player is automatically DQed from the tournament. If neither player attempts to duel their opponent or contact an admin regarding an extension, both are DQed and whoever is assigned to play the winner will be given a bye the following week. The Administrator will have final say on who advances based on the evidence of dodging that is provided.

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