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SP Medieval Europe Campaign Map

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Full conversion of the game's campaign map into a European one. Map dedicated mainly to the modder and to the teams that do not have a campaign map. Create by step, with all the resources and tutorials to help.

Follow the projet on discord

Nexus mod link : https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/3758

What is this?
This is a personal project, I want to recreate the map of Europe.

Really all of Europe and on the scale ?!
Not really, it's more my interpretation of Europe. I couldn't put everything because being a beginner, I wanted to keep a maximum of similarity with the basic map. By keeping the dimensions of Calradia it was impossible for me to make territories under penalty of having countries too small!

Can I play with it on bannerlord ?
No, not yet. For the moment it is not finished, there remains much work!

Why distribute them now?
Many mods have started on bannerlord, but relatively few have started their own campaign map, it's a very very long job. A lot of mods take place in Europe, and a lot of people want to have a huge terrain without really knowing what it's like in game. I hope that with this map they can have a first look at what Europe looks like with the size of Calradia.

Will it be playable at some point?
Yes, for the moment it is unusable for players, only for modders but I will update it step by step and hope it will be playable soon.

Honestly, I try hard but I don't recognize my home !
Yes I understand, I had to force the traits in some places like in France or it's too flat in the west, or remove mountains in Italy to have space and in some places I just wanted to have fun and interesting gameplay like in the north of Africa! I FAVOR GAMEPLAY OVER REALISM

Can I use it for myself or for my mod?
Yes of course ! I just have a request apart from being credited for my work, I just want to be notified and be invited to follow its evolution on your side/server, this will allow me, apart from having the joy of seeing it improving, to enhance myself and to share these improvements in my future updates of the map.

Well okay, what's in this mod then?
There is a model of Europe, the 16k vista map, the flowmap for snow (just a test) and 5 factions done (Aserai ,Western Empire, Vlandian, Battania and Sturgian)

Are you going to enlarge the map?
No, No and NO
, it's really not planned at all at the moment, it's enough work as it is ^^

When will it be available?
It takes me 10 to 15 hours to create a faction, about a week or 10 days for each of them. This includes the placement of the cities and the decoration of the country or countries on which it is. After that, it will still take a lot of work on different aspects. In my opinion, nothing will be really playable before the summer minimum.

Are you going to change the names of the cities with the real ones?
yes !

Are you going to change the factions or add some?
For the moment it is not planned, in a second time, when the map will be functional, why not

Please add me on Discord : Lemmy1916™#0227
Or Join my Europe Campaign Map Project server : https://discord.gg/s3NjpzuUvG
















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For me is Dell'arte della guerra the most awaited mod and clear before official release of ''Bannerlord'' there will be very probably no version playable. But for this 'Europe Map Mod' i would like to know if par example modders for the Dell'arte mod could use this map, at least as a base!? For finally faster own development.
Good news! ? I remember (and is still wrote) that it was a base for modders.
Anyway, my appeal is still valid, for a more extended version. ?

Will your version be compatible with overhaul mods?
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Will it be playable at some point?
Yes, for the moment it is unusable for players, only for modders but I will update it step by step and hope it will be playable soon.

You just need to be patient :grin:

And yes, all mod will work except those who would add cities ^^


You just need to be patient :grin:

And yes, all mod will work except those who would add cities ^^
So the modders who want different cities should design their own map(s) :wink:
No really now also for me clear you make not only a map, you make your own game-version, but clear this mod can also be modded to another setting. Anyway great work ^^
As they say... ''i am looking forward''
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