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Introducing the mod!

At first, it was a personal project, I wanted to recreate the map of Europe. The idea was to create a base for mods that didn't have the time or the means to create their own. I have since been joined by several people who take care of modifying the kingdoms and adding features to make it fully playable and unique!

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What is the overall vision? Realism, Era, Kingdom, troop tree...

  • This map is not supposed to be realistic, it's a bit "my version" of Europe. I attach much more importance to gameplay than to realism. Also some countries had to be modified to save space.

  • Basically, I was only supposed to make the map, with nothing on it, then I definitely wanted to play it, it was too stupid to leave it as it was.

  • For technical reasons, in particular the fact that I worked on the calradia base because I was a beginner, the size was therefore limited. So I choose to only do the western part of the map so as not to have too small countries. As a result, I had to place the kingdoms of calradia at best and it's not very realistic.

  • People having widely asked me to enlarge the map I ended up doing it but I don't want to destroy the work already done, so obviously there are countries whose cultures don't really match. In order to facilitate the work and have defined areas for the new kingdoms, I decided to work on an uchronia taking place around the 13th century, where the golden hord of the Mongols continued their conquests further west! , the Germanic Roman Empire to lose Italy to the benefit of the Kingdom of Sicily etc... in order to have large and playable territories.


  • This is only a basis for defining work areas. Each zone can be used with differents modules, depending on your desire and the chosen era. Some modules will be available as a kingdom, but also as a sub-faction. For Example The English will have Scotland and Ireland as a sub-faction and vice versa. You can decide to play the Irish as master of the United Kingdom, with English in sub-faction for example ^^
  • We are not going to cut out the countries such as the United Kingdom for example, where you will have the choice between the English, Irish or Scottish module. It would be impossible and unplayable to represent this 3 countries at the same time, these kingdoms would be so small that they would disappear from the first hours of play!
  • Differences between modules of a same area will be quite small in some cases. For example for the Mongolian/Cumans areas, the differences will be quite substantial because it is not from the same historical era, but for the United Kingdom area, the differences between the English/Irish/Scottish will essentially be the names of the factions, banners and some minor tweaks in the troop-trees.
  • All cities, castles and villages will be renamed with the real names. It's a long process and for some technical reasons we are still waiting to implement it. There are over 400 settlements to rename and we need you!

The Boats !

The real map of Europe not being the most optimized in terms of gameplay, we decided to add the possibility of traveling by boat. It's not a simple addition of a free boat to go where he wants, which would make the gameplay too bland and make the player's movement much easier!

So, you can buy and sell different types of boats, give them a name, navigate between the different ports of the coastal towns, land at a landing area (some beaches) use ferries to cross small rivers and streams. Armies and looters can use this to navigate freely or come with you at sea. Player speed is affected by the speed of his ships and how much crew he has, the players weight capacity is affected by the weight capacity of his fleet. All this obviously has a cost, you will have to maintain your boat and your crews!

Modders who want to use this map.

As described above, the map is above all dedicated to modders and teams without a campaign map, you are free to use it, modify it or create your kingdom modules compatible with it! The only conditions are to put the link of our mod in the description of yours and to invite me (Lemmy1916) in your staff in order to benefit and make other modders benefit from your fixes and improvements!































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For me is Dell'arte della guerra the most awaited mod and clear before official release of ''Bannerlord'' there will be very probably no version playable. But for this 'Europe Map Mod' i would like to know if par example modders for the Dell'arte mod could use this map, at least as a base!? For finally faster own development.
Good news! ? I remember (and is still wrote) that it was a base for modders.
Anyway, my appeal is still valid, for a more extended version. ?

Will your version be compatible with overhaul mods?
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Will it be playable at some point?
Yes, for the moment it is unusable for players, only for modders but I will update it step by step and hope it will be playable soon.

You just need to be patient :grin:

And yes, all mod will work except those who would add cities ^^
You just need to be patient :grin:

And yes, all mod will work except those who would add cities ^^
So the modders who want different cities should design their own map(s) :wink:
No really now also for me clear you make not only a map, you make your own game-version, but clear this mod can also be modded to another setting. Anyway great work ^^
As they say... ''i am looking forward''
1.8 version available right now !

Thank you deeply for this insane amount of work, it is incredible both as fun and as a resource.
As i first had have a look months ago on this mod there was more a feeling of a single enthusiast with much many energy (Lemmy ^^) who try something which cannot be handled as a 'single'. But not only Lemmy's map developed more and more with success also the whole entire development. Great!
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