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Sorry for the long waiting... yes I get an error, it says "Unable to restore vertex buffer." it's an RGL error

oliver255 said:
What troop count are you using?  The game usually crashed for me if I had 100+ battle size.  I also set the dead bodies and rag-dolls to the one right below unlimited  (40 corpses and 20 rag-dolls I think).

oliver255 I use the same settings with dead bodies and ragdoll, I think thats the problem.


Try lowering the texture detail to a near minimum.  It does not look good, but the battles will be nice.  Also, keep the battle size down a bit.  75 works fine for me.


I have tried this mod now, but must say its very unstable. Constant CTD, sometimes when trying to view 1st person the screen just flickers and I have to go back to 3rd person. I use this with the mount blade 1011 enhanced version. Tried with original 1011, still the same. but there I didnt get the problem with 1st person view. wierd.
:sad: I am cursed! :cry:

This is the second time one of my safegames gets corrupted ("runtime error"), and it was my favorite! (The previous corrupted one was my fav too...)


"-Secondary weapon capabilities for muskets with bayonets isn't working yet. For the time being you should buy a "broken musket" to use as melee musket."
Is this bug repaired?Because i can't use the bayonet.
Well, I don't consider this as a bug. You should just buy the 'broken musket' to use the bayonet; IMO, it's a good polearm too, when handled properly. And, IMO, the current system is not bad. (I like it even more than the system they use in Star Wars Conquest mod, that is to use a dialog-screen to switch from ranged weapon to melee and from melee to ranged, which costs more time than switching to 'broken musket' and is slower on my old laptop.)

But Quintillius is currently develloping version 2 of the mod, and I don't know if he's gonna change this. (I hope not, 'cause, as said earlier, I like the current system.)


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don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but if this mod or version 2 were ported to Warband you could switch from ranged to melee with one weapon at the press of a button.
And now we can switch from ranged to melee (IOW from firearm to 'broken' firearm) at the roll of the mouse-wheel.

And Warband sucks on my laptop.


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OPTiihonen said:
Pasted to modules directory from the win rar archive.

So you see a file in modules directory, named: "Europe 1805 [...]"? And it's a folder you can just open? And if you open it, there are folders, named: "languages", "Resource" and "Textures"?
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