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Hello, :iamamoron:

My first threat on forum!

Did Mount & Blade Warband have some restrict for streaming on platform Twitch , or for publishing content on Youtube - like a video?
I start streaming and playing Warband , on my Twitch channel , also i making content on Youtube.
On Youtube i use my own music , with hearnedable sounds like hits,arrows whiz etc. from original game , same on stream.
Now i do not have profit from this but i have in plan monetize my work , did M&B EULA is good with what?
I tried to find EULA but i can't , so here i’m haha 😃
If this is needed , this is the link to Youtube and Twich channel:

If it's possible and all is okay can i find somewhere license , for Youtube or other site to prove i can play and monetize my work?
I tried to send email to support but my gmail have some issues with sending messages , or support do not anwser.

I find only something like that,on forum for youtube content:

For reply – thanks in advance. Have a good day.

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We don't have any permission related with streaming. Monetizing Youtube Videos should be referred to this question.
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