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EU_CTF Server-Thread

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Hello Ladies and Gentleman, Reggae and me are proudly presenting a new CTF Server, we wanted to have some more variation of gamemodes you can pick when u wanna play since,
DM and TDM are rather random and battle is very punishing.
We had some input from former CTF-Tournament, and the reasons why this mode is not played are the lack of maps since spawnpoints of native maps are messed up.


We are using the Adimitool by Gotha with some modification
-Maps made by our own where the spawnpoints actually work for CTF
-Flag will drop if you try to mount a Horse
-Anti-TK Script


Server Settings and Rules


Combat Speed : Medium
100 % Friendly Fire
Map Time Limit : 30 Minutes
Gametype : Capture the Flag
Team Point Limit : 1000
Points for gathering the flag : 5
Starting Gold : 100 %
Gold Bonus : 80 %
Respawntime : 13 Seconds
Camera : Teammember's View
Bots & Polls : Kickpoll on, rest off


1. Behave mature

2. Dont teamkill or teamhit

3. Dont troll your team by hiding the enemy flag somewhere for example





Steppe Villages (by Reggae)
Dehal´s Siege (by Reggae)
Drachenstein (by Firunien)
Stallion´s Playground (by Firunien)
Naval Outpost (by Firunien)
more to come...

We are open for any suggestion and help

-If u find a glitch or spawn wrong on the map please tell us
-U can report players here who are acting offensive
-Help us to populate the server : :roll:

Credits :

Paliv for his great work at the Threadheader

Gotha, the great Adimi, god of nativescripts aKa slave in the basement :fruity:

Kejen for his general ideas of how to play CTF regarding Rules&Settings


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Oh my lord, Now I can proove that I'm not only best CTF cav china!

Thankyou so much!


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A few tips that could improve the gameplay:

I notice flag can't be taken while being on a horse. This makes some maps really far to bring a flag home.
Have a few bots on the map to prevent those big maps looking big, also when having the flag, I run as fast as someone without a flag. If I go lightweight I could potentially outrun someone.
The maps I played were fine if there were 30+ players on, having a server cap of 40 for the current maps might be an issue.

Love to see an opening event happen for this brilliant server :smile:


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Thank you for your feedback!:smile: I will check the speed if you wear the flag ,I thought theres a script for making you slower but i doesn"t work:/ What are you meaning with thrthe Bots? Like guards or just peasant?. And yeah we will add some more maps for not so many players :smile:
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