EU TDM Server is broken like new Duel Mode Servers

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EU TDM Server is broken like new Duel Mode Servers, if you join broken server it will stay in Please wait and you are stuck there until you reopen the game. And server will not get fixed until server gets restartet.


I never saw this thing before this patch are you guys intentionally sabotaging servers?(!) or if your contracted provider is not capable to provide stable servers maybe it is time the re open peoples ability to host servers in game (since it is already built in the game and finished) because it is unacceptable to wait server to re open for half an hour(sometimes hours). Not for just EU but for NA too and this is not the only problem about servers.

17:33 CET broken again first it gave this problem


after waiting 10-15 sec or so (trying to join) unendless please wait thing. and server is broken again.
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