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I do see servers crashing much more often now too. What I noticed (at least on skirmish as it's easier to notice with 6v6) is that server crashes when someone dies. In 1.7.1 I don't remember this happening at least not so often.
Maybe it is somehow connected to some fix that was applied in 1.7.1 and wasn't implemented into 1.7.2 branch when it was just beta branch?
Just like we had this problem reoccuring so many times: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/5v5-skirmish.452197/

Today from 8 skirmish matches 3 ended in crash. Once it was my death that caused it. I'm just a bit theory crafting here but I was actively fighting when it happened(1 v 2 -sword fight, cav killed me with spear from behind), I hit someone and heard sound of hitting him, not sure if I got text about hitting himand damage done in chat but i guess it was there. Could it be that server killed me, then few ms later my packets came that I damaged someone and game crashed? Or maybe me damaging someone came first to serv then server got info from another player that i was already dead few ms before I hit the guy? This happening in few ms depending how latency is handled might be the case? Servers were more stable before, I'm pretty sure it's just some fix that didnt get apply to 1.7.2 from previous iteration of the game.
It takes months for you to fix this problem, which is why no one is playing anymore.
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