Estimated release for Warband v1.114

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hi, I was wondering what time the patch/update to Warband will be released? This summer? Early Autumn? Late Autumn? Christmas? or never?

I have tried searching for this, but found no topic about it. I know there are mods that are waiting with porting or updates because v1.114 for warband will be here in not too long, so im looking forward to the patch so that can happen.


To be honest, I wouldn't normaly badger for a patch but considering they keep breaking the game and have now left it a while im getting quite annoyed about it too. I think it's a ploy to get people to play MP more haha :razz:. I hadn't played MP till they made it so kingdoms were so bugged up.

But at the same time, forcing them to release a patch means it will only introduce bugs. Provided the patch comes soon and has alot of fixs im sure they will get more praise for this patch then they ever have. The game seriously needs alot of its features added in. I mean it's been a long time now and we still cant ransom lords etc?


I suspected as much tbh. Or just perhaps he was talking to the devs :razz:. Which it doesn't say under your name unless im missing something?


Im well aware of that but the guy has just started a thread to talk about it and hope that a dev may answer. Sure its unlikely but is it really that bad that you have to go attacking him?

Admin's are meant to set an example for how others should act no?
As always...



I did hear rumors that the beta for that patch will be released somewhere in the following 2 weeks...

The patch changes a lot and they are going to beta test it with a select group first.


That would be great. Though I'd hope they would just let us all beta test it and put the patch up as beta and then let us all comment on it. Anyone who doesn't want to patch their game doesn't have to and i'd rather a beta patch then no patch to play with.


I'd rather they take the time they need and fix everything first, then release the patch -- rather than incrementally releasing patches that only partially fix the game.
From what I've seen, it looks like that's what they're trying to do. Next version after 1.113 is likely to be way higher than just 1.114

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Actually the SP maps are being added to MP, right now the 22nd are putting some of the most MP friendly SP maps on their 222 servers, so you should see some more soon :smile:, I think all the custom battle maps have been added already.


Kittenhuffer said:
I think it's good they're taking their time. It's summer now anyway, no pressure, we'll live. :cool:

yeah, you don't want a quick patch that sucks and has you begging for more and more patches :razz:  Im fine with the game for now
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