Native Completed [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

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Round 2 Lower bracket is now done. Waited half of today even if deadline was yesterday 23.59 gmt as many teams still had to play, however results didn't come in, as a result a total of 12 matches have been randomised. Quite a lot but if you're not interested in playing the tournament nor cared of dropping a message in forum to get default preference it's your own fault and tournament has to keep its own pace not yours.

That being said bracket updated, if I miss any result type it asap.


Round 3 Upper Bracket Deadline Sunday 10th 23.59 gmt
Round 3 Lower Bracket Deadline Friday 15th 23.59 gmt

Also added to Main post:

Round 5 Lower Bracket Friday 22th 23.59 gmt
Round 6 Lower Bracket Sunday 24th 23.59 gmt
Round 6 Upper Bracket Saturday 30th 23.59 gmt


Round 5 Lower Bracket - Swadia vs Nords

Round 6 Lower Bracket - Vaegirs vs Nords

Round 6 Upper bracket - Sarranid vs Vaegir

If you're in lower bracket or dropped into it remain active as you're gonna need to play quite regularly due big amount of sign ups, try to drop a message in forum if you can't get in touch with your opponents before deadlines are reached.

Gibby Jr

Gibby & Arni 20 - 6 Verdi & Loki



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Sorry for the delay! I think Ascarion and me got the default anyway but we won 18-15 against Leonidas&Haakon


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Round 3 Upper Bracket Deadline TODAY Sunday 10th 23.59 gmt. Make sure to play & post your match result before tomorrow if you haven't done it already.


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Becca said:
Can we get a extension? my partners busy irl on Sundays

If the other team agrees sure, otherwise you would've had to play earlier than sunday, if the opponents didnt agree before on that u shouldve posted earlier in forums.


[11:06 PM]
yo my guy can't do it tonight anymore
are you guys ok with extending tomorrow

[11:06 PM]
/Надя♥︎/ ?жизнь сука:
yeah but
we can only play after 10-11gmt

[11:07 PM]
that's ok he says

Spoke to Bruce, we wish for an extension for tomorrow.


didnt get the last 2 rounds but it was 10-8

same for this one 10-2

Becca, Prizrak 20 10 LS, Scarta


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Will update the bracket tonight instead even if we're some hours past the deadline as bit busy and also I guess some matches are taking part today so it's the best choice.
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