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Native Completed ESSC 2x2 - Finalized! Congratulations to One Goal Power.

Who wins

  • 100000 dothraki horselords with flaming arakhs on an open field

    Votes: 55 59.1%
  • some sombie bois

    Votes: 38 40.9%

  • Total voters

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Babushkas 10 - 6 GT

So the mighty ackerman's lost vs whatever team kloney and vince are in:
Ur pretty okay I guess, GOOD JOB!
And Round 1 is done! Make sure to check the bracket for your oponnents in Round 2, wich will run from the 16th to the 23rd


Rules and Changes.

-From now on, factions will be randomized for each week, this weeks factions are Rhodok - Nords. Make sure you do play these factions in your match, or it will be considered nule. That means you need to play one FT10 for each faction, where the overall round score is the decider. (Scores like 20-18 is what we are looking at)

Make sure you follow these new rules, or again, your match will be invalid!

Add BD to BGae roster and change team name to Men with Swords
Important announcement

-The deadline will be extended until the 26th due to Easter holidays.
-No more changes or additions will be permited after the end of Round 2, so if you need to remove/add someone, do it now.

Thats all, happy holidays.
Scarta™ ツ:
when u want to do the 2v2?

i am in dgs
not in for my bilader

Scarta™ ツ:
who i have to contact then?

u will get default

Scarta™ ツ:
should i post it on forum already?

u can

Rajadores de Naranjas take default from For my bilader

Dolar is Very High 10 - 7 AliağAdanaspor   This is first swap

I took a video but accidentally deleted the video so ı forget second swap score.Team Dolar is Very High won.

If you want  can get confirmation from other team.

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