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No, I didn't use any mods.
I took an Escort Caravan quest out of Pravend and immediately noticed that the caravan:
A. Had only 9 defenders (well, that's OK - that's why they needed me!)
B. Was going 0.5 faster than I on the same terrain! (My party is under the window in the center, but in the lower right you see my speed is 4.8; whereas the window shows the caravan is going 5.2.)


I have often noticed that caravans on these quests are typically faster than a warband. This particular quest was so bad that I lost sight of it north of Ortysia and didn't see it again until I had to save it from Looters (by which time they were down to 3 defenders).

So, BUG 1: a caravan should restrict its speed to the warparty they contracted to defend them! To do otherwise is stupid!

This particular quest required me to reach 2 destinations with them. Previously in my current campaign I only had to make one trip. OK, that's not a problem... as long as they actually go somewhere!


In this instance I started in Pravend and nearly got to - count 'em - FIVE cities and never got credit for any because it didn't enter them! If you look up this itinerary on the map, you'll see I went an incredible distance in this quest, and I couldn't finish it, as my soldiers started starving.

BUG 2: a caravan should GO to the place it is heading for! Changing destinations once it nears the target town is stupid- they'll never sell anything!

I believe caravan speed being unrelated to its defenders and capricious changes of itinerary have been faults since the very beginning. I have seen both over the whole EA period. I didn't find these on the open issues, though.

And just for good measure...

BUG 3: In the Quest explanation above, "it's" should be "its" in each phrase "changed it's way".).
The Escort Caravan quest is very buggy, the caravan doesn't stick to its original destination and will suddenly change course after a short distance.

I reported a similar bug before.
I have uploaded a save. Unfortunately, the only one I had was just after fighting off the attackers, so it is about midway through its careening route; it was attacked between Ortysia and Lageta, and probably at the time of the save had switched to go to Seanon.


I did a lot of caravan escort in my current game (started with e1.5.7 | Main).
They usualy change destination within reason :
  • Targeted town besieged
  • Running from hostiles too much (2-3 times in a short time seem to be enough)
I saw only 3 real bugs with them :
  • The dialog specifies a daily wage for this mission, which is (badly) not true !
  • Selected his starting town as new destination... Right after the escort started (already reported by a few thread)
  • Cannot defend the caravan against non-bandit. Only the don't get involved option is available (bug marked as fixed few version ago but still persist, badly I didn't retrieved the original report)


Community Support
I have been informed that this issue is fixed on our development branch and the fix will be implemented with the upcoming patches. Thanks for reporting!
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