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Error with Prentender's strings

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  ("swadian_rebellion_pretender_intro",    "I am Archduke Leopold, brother of Sigismund, and if Swadia is to be saved, I must become Emperor."),
  ("vaegir_rebellion_pretender_intro",     "My name is Yarih, half brother of King Leiss by our father, King Gleb. I am... or at least was, the rightful succesor to the thrones of Vaegir and Nirdam."),
  ("khergit_rebellion_pretender_intro",    "I am Subutai, I was sent here by the Great Khan of the Khergits, Ogedei, son of the Great Khan Sanjar, to bring the Ormeli tribe into submission and restore this land to the Khanate."),
  ("nord_rebellion_pretender_intro",       "I am Don Juan Bautista of House Loeher and if common sense was to be followed, I should, at this very moment, be sitting on the throne of Lauria."),
  ("rhodok_rebellion_pretender_intro",     "My name is Gregoras Nikeforizes, Strategos of the Imperial Legions, and last heir of the Empire."),
  ("state_rebellion_pretender_intro",      "I am Albrecht von Boehm, former Chancellor of the Reich, who came to be because of my actions and noone else's."),
  ("haelmar_rebellion_pretender_intro",    "My name is Bernhart Lutzen, for a short while I was the Governor of the Calradian province for the Haelmar Union. I was deposed after I insisted that Calradia been given equal status whitin the Union to those of the other Kingdoms. Now I'm preparing myself to take control of these lands."),
  ("duchy_rebellion_pretender_intro",      "My name is Biff, I'm supposed to try and conquer the Duchy or something."),

  ("swadian_rebellion_pretender_story_1",  "I was always loyal to my brother, I had no reason to be otherwise. Our father gave me land, and Sigismund respected his wishes. We campaigned together many times, and brought down the Ellis Empire."),
  ("vaegir_rebellion_pretender_story_1",   "After the death of Leiss's mother, Queen Catherine, my father married again, with my mother, Queen Dalileh, a nirdamese. They were deeply in love, and so they united, despite the complains of the Vaegir nobility. Men like Feodor could simply not tolerate the idea that someday someone with nirdamese blood could rule the Vaegir Kingdom."),
  ("khergit_rebellion_pretender_story_1",  "They must be forced to understand, that only the line of the Khans have the right to rule the world, as it was foretold to the great Guyuk Khan in his dreams by the Gods."),
  ("nord_rebellion_pretender_story_1",     "Imelda... Imelda, my dear sister. Can you imagine? a powerful nation like Lauria being ruled by a woman?, it's insane!. She should be at the mainland, learning the responsibilities of a noblewoman, not here leading the Laurian army. A woman leading the army! the whole world laughs at us!"),
  ("rhodok_rebellion_pretender_story_1",   "I was in command of the Empire, second only to the Emperor himself. I led his army to fight our many threats, for many years. We fought all months of the year, for our enemies were many, coming from all sides. But the army had grown weak. The new foreign faiths had deviated our men from the path of the warrior."),
  ("state_rebellion_pretender_story_1",    "Frederick Wilhelm? hmmph!, he was nothing but a boy when I was carving the Reich from the western duchies and principalities of the Holy Swadian Empire. I dedicated my life to uniting all the lands west of the Iller river."),
  ("haelmar_rebellion_pretender_story_1",  "The people here were treated very badly by the Union, I warned the Prince that such behavior would lead to open rebellion of the colonies, an unbearable burden that would halt his plans of expansion into central Calradia."),
  ("duchy_rebellion_pretender_story_1",    "Yeah well, to be honest I have no problem with him. I mean, he's a great guy, and sincerely cares about his subjects and all that. I would probably be a disaster as a monarch, like, totally uncapable."),

  ("swadian_rebellion_pretender_story_2",  "But when Empress Adelheid and Prince Maximilian died everything changed. My brother became unstable, seeing conspiracy and treachery where the was none. He had sudden outsbursts of anger, and had people executed for no reason, only to repent hours later, and spend weeks anguishing. In the end he accused me of conspiring to take the throne, a terrible lie. He had me exiled, and took my land for himself."),
  ("vaegir_rebellion_pretender_story_2",   "Feodor and his boyars always spoke ill of me, despite my bravery on the battlefield. I acompanied my brother in all his campaigns, and helped him as much as I could, as he fought the ever losing battle of bringing peace and harmony to both halves of the Dual Monarchy."),
  ("khergit_rebellion_pretender_story_2",  "Now this man, Bayezid, calls himself 'Padishah', King of Kings in his language, he was lucky and was able to stray away from us in our darkest hour, but now we are strong again, and we will bring the Ormeli, and all this land into submission!"),
  ("nord_rebellion_pretender_story_2",     "Those pesky noblemen, always conspiring, always whispering. Imelda convinced them to support her as heir to the throne when father died. It's his fault too!! the old bastard should have made very clear that women can't rule!!"),
  ("rhodok_rebellion_pretender_story_2",   "They had stopped worshipping the gods of war, and instead they spent their time praying to gods that had done nothing for us. They turned their backs to the gods that made the empire great, and so did the Emperor. I told him... I told him he would anger the gods..."),
  ("state_rebellion_pretender_story_2",    "Frederick's father, King Georg, later Kaiser because of me, supported my decisions and backed me up, for he knew that a new era had began for the west, an era of glory and expansion, free from the clutches of the decaying Holy Empire. But when this boy ascended to the throne, he felt that I threatened his authority. He destroyed years of carefully crafted relations with the foreign powers, treaties that ensured our welfare, so long as we were careful when choosing to go to war."),
  ("haelmar_rebellion_pretender_story_2",  "But the young fool was overconfident in his abilities and armies, he believed that Haelmarian presence on Claradia would disuade any dissidents from taking action. He was wrong. Now the rebellion is knocking at his door, and the Union is stuck in this wasteland part of the Calradian continent, while the Laurians hold the richer ports."),
  ("duchy_rebellion_pretender_story_2",    "The truth is that the guy who was supposed to be the pretender ran away, was offered a better salary to play the role of brooding, dark-yet-good-on-the-inside NPC companion in another mod, so I was hired to fill in the role so you, the main character, wouldn't ***** about not being able to rebel against the Duchy. They pay pretty well you know but it's boring job."),

  ("swadian_rebellion_pretender_story_3",  "I love my brother, and my soul is devoted to the Church, but a madman is not meant to rule the Empire, specially now that we are at war with the many invaders of our land. For the good of all Swadia, I must take the throne."),
  ("vaegir_rebellion_pretender_story_3",   "When my brother left to fight the laurians he left me in charge of the administration. When he died, I knew I had to secure my position as heir, but I had no way to do so: most of the nirdamese army had been destroyed by the laurians, while the vaegirs, led by Feodor, had escaped on their horses. So when they stormed the palace I left. I had taken my whole life for granted, but when it came down to it, I dropped it all and ran..."),
  ("khergit_rebellion_pretender_story_3",  "I will deliver him to the great Khan, and this land will once again belong to us, as we rightfully earned it."),
  ("nord_rebellion_pretender_story_3",     "So here I am, spending my days in foreign courts while Imelda enjoys the good life and spends what should be mine. Damned *****, she's my sister but that wouldn't stop me from slitting her throat!!"),
  ("rhodok_rebellion_pretender_story_3",   "In the end the Empire fell, my soldiers were massacred, some of them screaming some foreign god's name in their last breath. That wouldn't have happenned if we had stuck to the old ways. I plan to return to them once I rebuild the Empire."),
  ("state_rebellion_pretender_story_3",    "The fool didn't even ally with the Dual Monarchy when Lauria invaded!. Lauria is still on calradian shores today, right next to our borders, because of it. Now we must negotiate with them. Ideals, he feeds on them. He cannot see that a practical and realistic approach is the most adequate when dealing with such situations. In the end my heart was broken and I resigned and left, as rumours were being spread about an inminent charge for high treason. But I eagerly await the day were I will get the chance to once again lead the Reich to everlasting glory."),
  ("haelmar_rebellion_pretender_story_3",  "The people of this land respect me, they know I care about their well-being. I've come to realize that Iohann cares about nothing but his own greatness, he is selfish and not fit to rule this people that he does not know nor understands. Furthermore I know that many people within his army would be willing to help me in this cause, they seem to be tired of this pointless war."),
  ("duchy_rebellion_pretender_story_3",    "So, wanna start a rebellion or what?."),

  ("swadian_rebellion_monarch_response_1", "Leopold will never rule the Empire, God has given me the crown, and he speaks to me directly!, I hear him... in the night, when the rest of the world sleeps... yes Lord I will rule, forever."),
  ("vaegir_rebellion_monarch_response_1",  "The half bred beast cannot lead the vaegir, such degradation for us of pure vaegir blood would be a tremendous insult!."),
  ("khergit_rebellion_monarch_response_1", "So the Khergits are back. They never learn do they? their time is over, it is now time for the Ormeli people to seek their place in the sun."),
  ("nord_rebellion_monarch_response_1",    "So you spoke to my little brother, that ignorant, incompetent little fool. While I spent my youth studying the military arts and reading the treatises of the ancient Ellisian generals, he wasted his time pursuing the daughters of the nobility."),
  ("rhodok_rebellion_monarch_response_1",  "Gregoras is nothing but an heretic. His men saw the truth and fought for it till the last minute."),
  ("state_rebellion_monarch_response_1",   "So you spoke with with the old chancellor... some people call him the 'Iron Chancellor' you know?. Yes, he was key on the creation of the Reich. But he thought of himself as indispensable. He wasn't."),
  ("haelmar_rebellion_monarch_response_1", "Ah, yes, Bernhart. He was nothing before I put him in charge of this province, and how does he pay me? by rebelling against me!"),
  ("duchy_rebellion_monarch_response_1",   "Excuse me? who is this 'Biff' you speak about?. Surely the modder must have taken the time to create a *real* rival for my throne!"),

  ("swadian_rebellion_monarch_response_2", "Still, that wretched idiot wants my throne!, impious swine!!, blasphemer!!! doesn't he know that the Emperor is apppointed by God, and answers ony to him!? wretched scum I'll gut him and have his corpse hanged in the tallest tree of Calradia!!!."),
  ("vaegir_rebellion_monarch_response_2",  "His mother was a whore, a witch that bewitched Gleb and tainted the purity of the royal line and made it unworthy of ruling. He deserves to die, like a pig, like an animal, for that's what he and his kin are!."),
  ("khergit_rebellion_monarch_response_2", "Our armies are much stronger than they used to be, and the Khergits will find out if they try to attack us."),
  ("nord_rebellion_monarch_response_2",    "He is, and will always be, a child, not a man. If he had been chosen as heir, Lauria would have turned into the world's brothel. He doesn't care about Lauria, he just wants to be treated like a kid, with people watching and caring for him all the time."),
  ("rhodok_rebellion_monarch_response_2",  "Once I get him I will have him skinned alive, and his head sent to Galius. The Holy Father will be very pleased."),
  ("state_rebellion_monarch_response_2",   "Calradia is going trough difficult times after the fall of Ellis. We must be agressive, and take opportunities when we see them. He was reluctant to do that. He was happy to remain on this side of the Iller. But I am not. The west is not enough."),
  ("haelmar_rebellion_monarch_response_2", "I know he is behind the rebellion of the colonies, but I will crush them eventually, they are no match for me. Once the rebels are put to the sword, I will personally behead Bernhart for his treachery."),
  ("duchy_rebellion_monarch_response_2",   "Bah, it's always 'Lion Throne this', 'Haelmar Union that' but noone thinks about the Duchy! we are tough buggers I tell ya!, we deserve more respect!"),

I believe everything is in order, yet when I encounter the prentenders for faction 7 and 8 I get the ID for the string (str_haelmar_rebellion blah blah) instead of the actual text. Any ideas?


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Hmm... This is a long shot... what about the " character? There's a different type of quote mark used in certain apps, maybe you've accidentally copypasta'd them... though I don't know if doing this would've caused errors in compiling in the first place.

So try this: Copy the " marks from the other conversations and paste them over the ones for faction 7 and 8.


amade said:
Hmm... This is a long shot... what about the " character? There's a different type of quote mark used in certain apps, maybe you've accidentally copypasta'd them... though I don't know if doing this would've caused errors in compiling in the first place.

So try this: Copy the " marks from the other conversations and paste them over the ones for faction 7 and 8.

A long shot indeed, an error like that would not compile, so that's no it, no to mention the base was copied from native pretenders.


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Maybe show how and where you are using the strings.
Just a newbie speaking here so might not help you any :roll:
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