Ercos Rìx Insubrios [Fanmade story]

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Made this out of boredom, sorry for all the typos and bad english stuff, its not my native tongue:smile:


The elders of all the tribes living in the plains on the northern side of the river Bodinkos appointed you Rìx. As such, you have been found to be the most wise, most skilled, and most forethinking of all of our aristocracy.
Great King of the Insubres and rightful overlord of the Bituriges, Carnutes, Aulerkes, Aedui, Ambrarri and Arverni: you have come to power by way of election, and we honor you, as the selected master of our people.

Our people grow stronger because of the rich harvest our supreme goddess Belisama, piously worshipped in your city Mesiolanon, grant us every year and Belenos keep our youth sturdy and vigorous by giving us many victories against the wealthy Rasna of the south.
You are Rìx of the Insubres, and your duty is to keep your people safe while leading it to glory, but another Rìx of the Senones, Brennos, is gathering all the other chiefs around him: his promises of loot and glory are tempting and we suggest you to support him. Time will tell where this alliance will bring the Insubres, but Brennos is well known among all Keltoi to be a great warlord that might lead our tribes to subjugate the weak civilizations of the south and take their riches.

However, there's a first issue that needs to be solved first: the unruly tribes of the north. Your power stretches from the city of Koimo to the oppidum of Acerrae, but above the northern lakes the Lepontes, led by their chief Bolgios, refuse to bow to the Insubres. The Lepontes are disorganized and poor, but their king is an honorable man and their warriors are second to none. Defeat Bolgios in battle, and he will recognise your rule. His warriors from the alpine valleys will be most needed if we have to fight against the Rasna: they might seem to come from the dawn of times but the Rasna, as weaklings as they are, will tremble at the sight of our powerful retinues.

At the same time, Brennos and you are receiving support from both sides of the Alps: the Liguri are restless, they're afraid the Rasna might pillage their hillforts and are willing to support you with troops and the Gaesatae, from the north, heard about the wealth of the Rasna and the mighty Rumani of the south and are eager to prove themselves on the battlefield with their naked demons.
The time has come, and the tribes are united under your guidance and of Brennos, rìx of the Senones. Let them hear the clash of our shields, the sound of our iron and the echoes of our war cries, let them tremble in front of us!

Prologue - Ercos and his Land, Insubria

They call you the great king, but you're first of all a valiant warrior. Your ancestry can be traced back to the great prince Beluesu, son of Ambigatos king of all the Keltoi. During your life you have distinguished yourself as a capable commander during the war against the Taurines, the people of the bull, west of our lands. During the battle of Taurasia your retinue has been renamed the "Two hundred shields" due to the discipline and fortitude of your retainers; folk whispers now, that no arrow, spear point or sword can breach the Two Hundred Shields.

Your city, the capital, Mesiolanon, has been built by Beluesu centuries ago and now is a prosperous settlement where merchants from Italia, Hellas and Gallia stop to continue their journey. Also, the ground where the city lies is sacred: a white boar has been spotted by Beluesu at his arrival. A clear sign of Belisama, our supreme goddess, that this was the right land: rich, fertile and blessed by the Gods. For the rest, the great plains of the Bodinkos grant us excellent harvests and the cold winds from the Alps keep our kin strong and healthy. Among the many cities, pagus and oppida of our great people, we can name the fortress of Acerrae, the city of Laus Boii (taken from our southern neighbours time ago), Koimo, Lech, Modicia and the forts of Laumellum and Clastidium. To our east, the river Adua, named after our cousins the Aedui, form the natural border with our rivals, the Kenomanes and large swamps, where a dangerous dragon lives, divide us. To the west we reach our westernmost town, Vercellae, that leads to our client-nation, the Taurini, while the Bodinkos obviously separates our kin from the Boii, a prestigious nation among the Keltoi. Our northern border is, instead, the most dangerous one: the Alps are populated by stubborn, sturdy tribesmen such as the Lepontes, the Orobi, Camuni, Raeti and many others, that wont give up their autonomy easily. To fight against them in their valley is a certain defeat, to chase them in their narrow passes, a carnage. They safekeep the few mountain passes that lead on the other side of the Alps, where amber trade flow, although they dont benefit much from it as their kin is not used to the art of trade as we do, but those tribes are indeed a useful shield from the the other keltoi on the other side of the Alps and the fiersome nations of the germannoz up in the far north.

CHAPTER ONE - The indomitable Lepontes
(to be continued)