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All the clans and players without exception are invited to this event Viking Conquest.

historical context :

          In the eighth century , population growth and succession wars cause Scandinavians , Norwegians and Danes out of their territories. Varangians go east and based in Russia of embryos States , the Vikings ( the Norse fara í Vikingu : an expedition and Vikingar which designates those who leave ) break on the western British Isles and on the continent south.
Intellectually , Ireland then saw a golden age by the dynamism of its religious institutions, but politically , the island is divided among nearly one hundred and fifty tuatha ( clans ) , each headed by a rí (king) . These leaders are themselves subject to the king of one of five provinces ( Ulster , Connacht , Munster, Leinster and Meath ) . The Ard rí ( supreme king ) is an honorary title that real authority.
That's when the Vikings arise in the island. The first documented expeditions date from 795. The Vikings burn the church of Lambay Island and the monasteries of Inisbifin and Inismurray , which will undergo a new assault in 807. From 812, the raids are concentrated on the coast west and on the shores of the Irish Sea . In the early 820, the island tour is completed. For forty years , the Vikings multiply the raids and forays , favoring monasteries richest treasures. During the years 830, they go up the rivers and ravage the interior . In 836 , they borrow the River Shannon and plunder Connaught . The following year, two fleets of sixty " longships " each recognize the Liffey and Boyne ; territories are then systematically ravaged , the inhabitants massacred . There are many examples of their misdeeds . Winter 840-841 a milestone because for the first time the Vikings spent the season on the island and settled in fortified places which also become commerce sites : Dublin, Annagassan , and later , Wexford , Cork, Limerick , etc. These are all entrenched bases which allow shipments inward, culminating seems to be the year 845 , to the point that we are talking about invasion. Celtic kings can sometimes contain them and besiege them .


Activity event :

These battles will go in order, resulting in the extinction of the leaders. Revenge will be possible in the following month in a future German raid. Meanwhile, one of the two factions will be considered defeated.

  • 3 rounds in coastal attack.
  • 3 rounds in Shieldwall *.
  • 3 rounds in battle plain.
  • 3 rounds in regicide (the enemy leader must die).

    Camp 1 : Celtic .
    Camp 2 : Viking (Norse ) or Saxons.


    Rules :
    • 30% of archers and javelinists confused by clan. eemple : if you are 10 in your clan, you have the right of 3 archers / javelinists .
    • Only the King of each clan can wear mail. Deputy heads who may number up to 3 per clan are entitled to all equipment except mail. The company , meanwhile , has access has primary equipment which removes any stuff like: mail, gambeson , helm . If any time your RP indicates that your clan is fortunate , if it is well presented below, you will have access to what you ask.
    • The cavalry is allowed only in the form of detachment (minimum of 4). You can't only have 1 or 2 riders in your clan.
    • Each clan must have a Staff. Which included a chef, a standard bearer and musician ( horn) . Only 1 horn, 1 king and 1 standard bearer is authorized by clan.
    • The random ( individual soldiers for their group during event ) is allowed only from 3 people. A detachment of assassins or for an other fonction is only possible has at least 3 players.
    • No global chat .
    • No troll.
    • No insults .
    • The rules of Shieldwall : It must be an outright face to face. Diversion is prohibited. It is mandatory to sit tight RIGHT neighbor. The clans must unite in the non tracking Shieldwall shieldwall.Tout be punished with a temporary ban.


      Game Informations :

      Game Server : VC_Neamhan_FR
      Server TS : (required connection 15mn before the event for those who have no clan , 10 minutes before the others french clans). English clans can be same if you"re interested.
      Times : 5:45 p.m. on ts , 5:55 p.m. on the server, 18h beginning of the vent.

      FOR type in your CLAN :

      Post here and following this model:

      Clan Name:


      Staff: x . ( expected : y) .

      Faction: Celtic / Norse ( Viking / Saxon ) .

      TS Clan :


      ps : Sorry for my english.

      Frenchs're waiting for you! :smile:



We want to join with a few man, are you still active?
please send a mail back


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