Native OSP 2D Art Environment Boost

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Forum thread for the OSP author Lyriath01, indexing a MBRepository file (the author can have the thread reattributed to him on request should he become active again).

Environment Boost for Mount & Blade.

This is a set of (re)textures I made for myself, but I liked the results so much that
I've decided to share it with the community. It's a complete change to the look of flora and buildings in both color and contrast. You won't recognize the environment after instaling this one, trust me.

Just put the textures inside any module "textures" folder. To unistal, just delete them.

This is a resource pack, so you can add it to your mods. Just give credit.

Remarks (by Earendil): This is a retexture pack for Vanilla M&B. Some retextures can surely be used at Warband too since many scene props stayed the same but I haven't checked if that is the case for all of them!
I have also made no screenshots here since I was honestly too lazy to find every single mesh which references one of these textures. If someone feels for it he can make screenshots of them (perhaps with before/after comparision) and I will gladly link the screenshots here :smile:
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