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Alex_C said:
Apis Europae

Add player:


(He was in REF, so you should have his ID)
Will go through on 27/04/2012.

Irishman. said:
Bohemian_Arch_Rotre 1033317
Bohemian_Rct_Bilet 1033927
Bohemian_Rct_SilvermixXVII 1035645
Inquisition_ArtuGi 1091060
Inquisition_Prizrak 1092854
Bohemian_Rct_Filippo 1130431
sorry, but... Fail, in Boh roster  :mrgreen:
Ah, that explains it :lol:. Fixed.

Teblar said:
Add player:
pe_Tallie_of_Trinity      1048036
Will go through on 24/04/2012.

Spartan_Aury said:
Please remove:


chicken_tika said:
Mandalorian Army

Add players

MAN_AlmightyJesus  08:36am 8th April ENL_Germany_2

MAN_Roldas 11:50am 8th April ENL_Germany_2

MAN_Blade time and date 14:40pm 10th April ENL_Germany_2

Time Zone BST
Will go through on 13/04/2012.

Guy Fawkes said:
Adding request for SoE:
SoE_Derin 996465

Bendetto said:
Inquisition_Xomas77  change nick  Inquisition_Winnie_Pooh

Firevulture said:
add Player
KR_Holzroland 47305
KR_NIN3 41910
remove Player

corey43 said:
Please add Godnoken to Einherjar.

He joined ENL_Germany_1, 22:22 BST 08/04/2012

Cheers ^^
Will go through on 13/04/2012. Also found a second ID: 141644 which will be added as well.

Shatun said:

add plz)

KHR_TaRaS 498771
Will go through on 13/04/2012.

Stonetoad said:
For Samurai.

Add Samurai_Renzo (ENL_HUNGARY1)

Will go through on 13/04/2012.

Krzyn said:
Warriors Clan

Please change nickname from Warrior_Pysio to Warrior_Peter


BaronDeMoroz said:
Requesting changes to SYNDICATE:

Add third ID :
Syn_SB_kng_SifoN 490270    343243 -> 1091060

Syn_BT_TylerDurden 484078 364078

Thank you.

Teblar said:
Add our Goku :wink:

ZP_Goku1503_of_Trinity    77895

He said, that I can add him now, that's true, Lust? ^^
That's right. Done.

GaWwain said:
Please remove players
oRP_Rashin 512769
oRP_Peasant_Future 1028626

Sir_Michal said:

REF_Antykaczor  -  35392

Guy Fawkes said:
Adding request:
SoE_Novice_XerXes 222835
SoE_Novice_Avatar 692903
SoE_Novice_Catilaptus 1029141
SoE_Novice_Colonel 1045310
Will go through on 24/04/2012.

sotamursu123 said:
TnT Clan

Player adding request :
TnT_Vivar (ENL_Germany_2)
TnT_Lt (ENL_Germany_1)
Please don't add players twice. Lt is already due to be added on 27/04/2012. Vivar will be added on 13/04/2012.

Cédric s said:
Please add LCDH_Langelau who went on the server ENL_Germany_3 at 21h30 GMT with ID game 134065
Will go through on 13/04/2012.

Rudy_RaY234 said:
Please remove me form Trinity roster and add REF roster.
RaY_RudY_. ID - 35266

When I can play?
Once a REF team rep adds you, you'll be put on a waiting list and able to join their roster on 17/04/2012, providing the addition request is made by then.
Order of the Rising People have new Contacts:

1. WestsideAngel is now called Gawain

In Talewolrds we have 2 new Contacts:
FimbulTyr http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?action=profile;u=184468
JR http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?action=profile;u=200732

And in Steam is JR a new Contact http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042299236/
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