MP Native ENL Admin Mod v3.2.0 (Open Source) by sHocK

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Designed specifically for the ENL, this admin mod is focused on suitability for competitive play. The new version also includes a public mode with features to help server operators administrate their servers for general play. This mod has been developed exclusively by sHocK. Credit and thanks go to him, for his work and the benefit it will have to the European Native League. Also thanks to the creators of the ENL Custom maps, included in this mod: Mia, Jeanne d'Arc, Noxx, Stuboi, Arch3r and Lust.

Although this mod has been developed for the ENL, the Glitch Free Multiplayer maps are not included. To install them on your server, go here and follow the instructions. Make sure you do this after installing the ENL Admin Mod on your server or they will be overwritten.



Merge these files with your Native module.

If you're looking to use the source code for other projects, you'll find the module system files here.

The full ENL Admin mod. This can be used by server or client without the need to merge or anything (larger download).


Public and Private modes: (to enable private mode by default, add the line "get_bot_count 1" to the server config file. For public mode as default, add the line "get_bot_count 2")
  • Manage streamers - This feature allows admins to grant free cam to select spectators, even when spectator mode is locked. When this is done, a message will display in chat and an icon will be displayed next to the player, on the scoreboard. This is useful for allowing individuals to record or livestream matches, whilst keeping team members' views locked.
  • Print IDs - This feature is available in both public and private modes but operates a little differently. In public mode, this feature enables admins to view the IDs of players in the server, without displaying them publicly. In private, any player may view the IDs of players in the server, without displaying them publicly, however when an admin prints IDs in private mode, they will be displayed publicly. Also in Private mode, players' IDs will be displayed when they join the server.
  • New Maps! - For the ENL, a community effort has been made to create a new set of competitive maps. These are available for all game modes except Conquest and Siege. There are also 20 empty slots, if you want to install your own maps (see user guide).
  • Enhanced Duel Mode - This basically just means that health, shield hit points, horse health and ammo are restored when a duel is finished.
  • Temporary Ban - In addition to a permanent ban, admins can now Temporarily ban a player, as if they were vote banned.
  • Setting Logs - All server setting changes are logged in chat and in the server log files.
  • Version Checker - If your ENL Admin Mod is out of date, you will be given an in game reminder. Always best to update, since there is no guarantee on the cross compatability of versions.
  • Admin Chat - Admins can use a special chat option by pressing the inventory key ("I" by default). This displays chat to everyone in the server.

Public Mode Only:
  • Heal - This is self explanatory, in that it heals a player (or all players) on command. It also restores their shield hit points, horse health and replenished their ammo.
  • Swap - This allows for players to be force swapped either to the opposite team or to spectator. You can also do this for all players at once.
  • Teleport - Admins can use this feature to teleport to players or teleport a player (or all players) to themselves.
  • Kill Stray Horses - This optional feature will kill horses that don't have riders, after a time. Primarily, this is to avoid clutter on respawn modes.
  • Auto Kick Ban - If this feature is enabled, any player who repeatedly teamkills will be automatically kicked by the server. Should they rejoin and continue, they will be temporarily banned.
  • Server Announcements - The frequency of these server announcements is customisable in the admin panel. The content is customisable in the server files (see user guide).
  • Team Kill Logs - Team kills are now posted in chat and recorded in the server log files.*
*as of 2.2a


Coming soon...

JabdiMelborn said:
...This mod should be downloaded from all ENL' players or it is optional...?

Optional but it will be very useful for verifying your rosters. It's recommended that each team has a few people with the mod and each of them checks the IDs (against the now public list of IDs, in the rosters thread).


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Nice, well done. Restart function especially nice, since it should take away the randomness of 'how fast can I select gear and spawn' at the beginning of every 5 round set  :wink: 


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Small question while i download, in the source files are the new lines commented eg. #ENL Admin begin?

New release v2.2.

Most notable changes are those that come with the new "public mode". Features to help server operators run their server in general use.


I might have failed to comment a few code blocks but you can use an application like Beyond Compare to see all of the changes.
Arch3r said:
This Admin Mod contains the final versions of the ENL maps?
Yep. They'll be released as a separate pack soon as well, or I might bundle them in with the glitch free maps but I don't think many people will have any reason not to use the ENL Admin Mod anyway.


Is the admin chat button customizable?

Also, looks ridiculously amazing.
Mr.X said:
Is the admin chat button customizable?

Also, looks ridiculously amazing.
It's bound to the "Inventory" key, which isn't used in multiplayer by default. Just rebind that to whatever you want and it should work.

2.2a hotfix version is now available. It is strongly recommended that server operators update their server files. Clients do not need to update.


Is there any chance of getting a WFaS compatable version? Would be extremely useful, trying to admin a server with over a hundred players on at a time can be a challenge to say the least!


Not literally compatible. It would have to be created from scratch as far as I know though I suspect much of the code could be copy-pasted and/or adapted.
I wouldn't mind doing it but I'm busy with other projects and I don' t even own WFaS.
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