Enhancing the User Experience on showing Wars ( Diplomacy UI and Encyclopedia )

Which of those propositions do you like ?

  • Change "Wars" section from the bottom of the page in Encyclopdia.

  • Enhance the UI on Diplomacy tab, providing a clear icon to see which Kingdom is warring.

  • Both of them

  • None

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Good morning.
This is a two pieces post because while taking screenshots I figured one main issue was somehow linked to the other resulting to the same known behavior which I'll explain below, I attached a poll inside this post to know what do you think.

First UI suggestion ( Encyclopedia )

How do you know the current situation about Peace/War while browsing on the Encyclopedia ?
Right now my normal flow to get this information is the following :

Encyclopedia ( mostly from a previously seen Notable or Clan ) -> click to Clan -> click to Faction -> scroll it down to the bottom of the page, where I can see Fiefs and finally Wars.
This is between 4 and 5 different actions ( including shortcuts ) to have such information in a regular basis.
For those who can't picture the UI here is a screenshot of it.

I think the User Experience could be vastly inproved here on reducing the burden to see such a vital information especially towards middle to late game playthrough.
In fact I've seen myself doing this endless times while informations like Fiefs are often displayed in my worldmap to begin with, with the power of .. well, Towns icons.

With that in mind I've made a proposal to put this section just below the Faction Banner.
If it destroys the whole UI artistically, it's understandable since it packs a lot of information in a small area, we can always move that to the right side of the UI, where you can find the recent news about the said Faction, here is the first proposal ( I've let the old one for the sake of comparison ) :

Second UI suggestion ( Kingdom UI, Diplomacy Tab ) :

Without any further transition let me introduce the second suggestion I've found, fix the non-existent icons on Diplomacy Tab on the Kingdom UI !
How do you know which Kingdom is warring which ?

For the sake of clarity, and unfortunately since in my game I'm only warring Kingdoms who have few wars ( resulting on a 1 to 1 relation or 1 to 2 only, including myself ), I've posted another screenshot from a friendly Kingdom with at least 2 wars :

Well good news because at least you can, but the UX is somewhat barebones.
I have to hover those Swords to get the big picture of their relations.
On the first screenshot, I can see the Southern Empire is at war with Sturgia, including me.
The foundations are definitely there but I think this tiny section of this whole UI could be vastly inproved on appending small icons like the following :

It makes little sense to "hide" the true identity of a Kingdom against a generic icon such as swords, so like you already seen in the Encyclopedia or just in the left at the same tab, I just changed it with the real icons.
No further friction in the User Experience ( hover, click, db-click, right click etc etc ... ), we got everything we need in a single shot.
Note that I'm not quite sure if "Warring also against" is good enough English, it's just there to point that there is a context ( You / Them ) and others wars on going.

Let me know what you think, have a good day !


I can bring up the first one internally. And you're going to be happy, more than happy even, in the next update regarding the second one :xf-smile:

Thank you for the feedback!
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