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My suggestions for Clans and Kingdoms:

1. Allow independent thought and actions within each Clan. Allow plots, overthrows, in-fightings, duels, trials, executions, feasts, organized marriages and betrothals, assassinations and splitting of the Clan into smaller Clans. Those things could be governed by Influence, or by some new metric such as Clan Influence, whatever fits best. In addition, there should be a similar system for plotting and for various interactions between different Clans within each Kingdom. Certain vassal Clans will seek greater power and governance of the Kingdom, or a higher revenue in gold, or simply peace and quiet.

2. Allow assigning fiefs to companions and family members. They won't just act like a mindless Governor, but a true vassal that maintains the fief and its garrison, stacks money, chooses its constructions and focuses, protects its villages and gathers a party for raiding and conquering of enemy territories. That vassal will take a share of the income, and will be truly independent. And, if relations between him and the player go down, there is a risk of defection and of loosing that fief to that companion's new Clan.

3. There should be ranks between the Clans instead of having them all as equals, and powerful Clans within a Kingdom should rule over weaker ones in that same Kingdom. It would be a good opportunity to put to use the Clan Tiers levels of each clan, and reassign vassalship around.

4. Rename Clan into either Dynasty or Family. It's annoying and immersion breaking having it named Clan. Just feels like being part of some nomadic tribe. It makes sense for the Khuzait and the Battanians, but not the other cultures.

Suggestions 1 to 3 would add SO much to the current gameplay. As of now, things can get pretty boring since the player's interactions with NPCs are relatively simple and one-layered. In peace times, there can be litteraly nothing to do sometimes. This would add the possibility for players and NPCs to balance the power between each other, have multi-layered, complex and double-faced interactions that can have lasting consequences, and bring life and humanity to the game. Players and NPCs alike will have to try not to over-extend themselves, at risk of losing everything they've got. It would make players and NPCs reconsider their ambitions despite their greed and lust for power.
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Suggestion 4: Maybe you're see in the perspective of the Feudal way. If you look back, the term Clan, comes from famiglia ( familia, in Latin), which means dynasty... And back then it's normal to refer as clan, specially in Roman times, since the a Clan, had several "dynasties".

One example are Clan ( Gens Julia), they had:
  • Julii Libones
  • Julii Caesares
  • Julii Mentones
Gens Claudia ( Clan Claudia):
  • Claudiis Marcellus
  • Claudiis Nerones
  • Claudii Pulcheres
  • Claudii Sabinus
So on

But, I totally support your idea following this logic, to be able to create smaller clan to my distant relatives


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Agreed with all except 4, it's just a semantic thing so it's no problem to me either way, crusader kings choose to call it dynasty while bannerlord call it clan, it end it represents the same thing.
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