Enemies being spotted when nobody's actually there

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ok, the title almost speaks for itself. I've finally managed to take every single castle, so the whole map is now under my control, yet the last kingdom, Swadians, don't seem to disappear. And I'm afraid it might be because of sum bug that tells me quite often that Small bands of enemies were spotted near Senuzgda and Bardaq castle - nobody's actually there, my lords are patrolling around these castles all the time because of these reports, but there's just noone to defeat. I'm pretty sure I've got rid of every single Swadian party, I've even revealed the whole map (yeah, I know, using cheats, will go to hell) and I just can't find anyone else besides me and my lords. Does anyone know any solution?

//I should probably mention that I'm playing Native Expansion mod.
Ghost factions are a huge problem for any late-game player. You are not the only one, and that is saying it shortly.

Wait an in-game month or two. If a faction doesn't have any land at all, the lords will, and are programmed to become very upset at the king and will probably try defecting. I have had personal experience with this: I couldn't find lords anywhere but the faction didn't get disbanded. I waited a few months, then all of them defected to my kingdom.

If this does not work, try taking ALL the men out of one of your walled fiefs and move them somewhere else temporarily. Enemy lords will just swarm to unguarded fiefs, especially towns, and if they've somehow been able to hide from you, they will pop up there hopefully. Just be careful to have all your vassals there with you, because the force might be larger than expected.

If this does not work either, if you have any prisoners release them and defeat them again. I'm not for certain, but somewhere I picked up that NPC lords get upset if one of their lords is defeated in battle.
Well, I thought of the waiting myself actually, I've tried to wait for about 5 in-game weeks, but nothing happened and I still get the same messages, that small bands were spotted near Senuzgda and Bardaq. My lords are patrolling around those all the time, but nothing has changed.

Also, I've thought of the releasing the prisoners too, but for some reason I can't release two of them, because there is basically no dialog available. Every time I interact with them in my prison, all they say is "Surrender or die!" and my character has an automatic response "I'm not afraid of you, I will fight." or something like that. So I can't really release them.

Quite a few bugs popped up at the very end of the game, it seems.
Ok, something is very, very wrong with my game. I'm trying various solutions just for the sake of finally ending the game, so I've tried cheat menu as well. When talking to one of my lords, I've clicked on the option "Ride against an enemy party" (or something like that) and it gave me an option to ride against Count Gharmall around Bardaq Castle. I was so happy, but when I chose this, nothing happened. The lord just stood there for a while and then went patrolling again.

I've also already tried to clear those two castles (Senuzgda and Bardaq) from my soldiers, I've even left a few captured lords, I can't release anyway, there as a bait - but it's been around three in-game weeks, nothing happened.

And just now I've agreed to have peace with Swadia and guess what? I'm still getting messages about small bands of enemies around Senuzgda and Bardaq. So apparently there are at least two bugs going on right now:

1. It doesn't seem to be possible to wipe out the last enemy faction, Kingdom of Swadia, not even after around 80 in-game days and not even when there are none Swadian lords or other parties running around the map.

2. I keep getting messages about bands of enemies around two of my castles, even though there hasn't been a single enemy party for the last 80-100 in-game days.

I'm starting to believe I won't be able to end this particular game.

//Ok, I've managed to solve on problem. It seems that there were some ghost parties around those two castles, which were unable to see on the map. They were parties of lords I refused as an leader of a faction and they've become outlaws, basically. So when I attacked Mercenary War Band running around the castle, they've joined the battle and got crushed.

But I still don't know how to wipe out Swadians, no lords are leaving the nation, nothing has changed.
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