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Endless loading time.

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Xerone but worse
So when you attack an hideout (Not the tutorial one or one afterwards) just a random hideout on map. In my case a sea raider hideout, game gets stuck in endless loading time. Ive tried it 3 times now and it keeps getting stuck. I will try attacking some other type of hideout and post an update.

EDIT: Ive tried attacking another hideout. Same result.


I have the same BUG.

- Waiting half hour didn't helps;
- Maximum lowed my video preferences or using windowed mode didn't help also (i play the game on medium\high setting without lags);
- Starting new campaign didn't helps. (Skip tutotial -> Found new sea raider cave (other one) -> try to raid -> infinity loading);
- Cheching the game's cache in steam, didn't found any problems.
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Got the same issue but when I go the Pan Cannoc and talk to Nal the carpenter. He apperently got a mission: "Artisians cant sell their products in Pen Cannoc"
It only freezes when I try to talk to this specific character.
If a savegame is needed contact me on my email.
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