SP Native Enable FaceGen (Body) Sliders

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A simple mod for enabling hidden character creation sliders including age, weight and build.

This is my first C# dll mod and to be honest I'm not programmer, I'm just a curious guy who likes learning new things. Here my base code:
using HarmonyLib;
using TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade;

namespace Enable_FaceGen_Sliders
    public class SubModule : MBSubModuleBase
        protected override void OnSubModuleLoad()
            new Harmony("hsngrms.enable.facegen.sliders").PatchAll();
                TaleWorlds.Core.FaceGen.ShowDebugValues = true;

Do not touch age slider if you don't know what you are doing exactly.
Setting character age below 21 will crash the game. (vanilla bug)

Do not forget to unblock .dll files.

Thanks to dealman from here, this mod became possible through his template.

My mods on Nexus: Naked Females / Faster Movement / Throwing Arrow / Less Damage / Start Campaign Married / Universal Female Soldiers / Enable FaceGen Sliders .
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