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Please make possible to gain experience in Tournaments and Practice Battles, because not everyone like to hunt bandits or go to war to gain combat skills and perks.
Im currently playing as an merchant that goes from town to town to trade goods but also love to participate in Tournaments when available, but my character's combat skills never improves without matter how much and how hard i fight, its kinda unrealistic and suck.


I agree with this. If it impacts gameplay so much, at least make a penalty for the exp gain, like 75% of the normal rate. The current state is unrealistic and makes the combat skill training extremely long and monotonus.


thought the exact same after taking part in several tournaments.
I am fairly bad at fighting still and thought how frustrating the toruney itself can be.

I would also like ot add some form of incentive for reaching 2nd or 3rd place.
like a small money sum or a token or whatever in some form or shape.

would also be cool if we had a log of tourney competitions we took part in
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