Empire of Sigmar: What's the point of crssbows?


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One of my favourite factions in Osiris is thus far the Empire of Sigmar, but there is something concerns me, namely the crossbow soldier class. So, when it comes to ranged, I've tried te Marksman and Cannoneer and Rifle and crossbow classes, and their meta seems to be as follows:

    Marksman                      Cannoneer                              Rifleman                          Crossbows
High Rate of Fire            Low Rate of Fire                    Medium Rate of Fire            Very Low Rate of Fire
Reload on the move        Reload stationary                  Reload on the move          Reload Stationary
accurate,                      Very Accurate                        Accurate                            Accurate
Low damage                  Very high Damage                  High Damage                    Very High Damage

As I see it, the crossbow doesn't have a role that isn't done better than another, and it isn't even a case of 'jack-of-all-trades master-of-none' since the cheapest crossbow, with the best arrows, does less damage than the regular musket but reloads alot slower, and from testing the crossbow, the bolts don't have a lower drop-rate than bullets meaning that the semingly intended role the slow stationary sniper doesn't seem to work. Essentially, the crossbow needs reworking, either make it a sniper's tool which is very accurate and a very slow drop-rate or make it the intermediate between muskets and bows, i.e it does indeed do less damage than the musket but it's quicker reloading. And, if you can't have an animation which allows you to walk and reload, make the reload quicker to compensate for the fact that you must stand still and expose yourself to relaod it.