Empire, faction identity, and pilas

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I've heard a couple of comments about how the Pila should be a Legionary weapon rather than a Recruit weapon. In response to this, I wonder if this would be a decent way to handle both the Legionary and Recruit:

Strong Arm replaced with Farmer (non-Captain Modes)
-Replaces Pila with Javelin (3)
-Also grants a One-handed Pitchfork, a two-pronged pitchfork that has 180 reach
--Despite its naming, you can holster your shield for a spear brace

Cavalry Breaker replaced with Hunter
-Grants a quiver of two pilas
-Melee damage vs mounts reduced from 50% to 35%
-Also grants a +75% ranged damage against mounts
-(unlisted) +20% ranged headshot damage. This is mainly to make horses easier to one-shot.
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