Empire Courser is completely broken in TDM

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It is dreadful to play against the Empire in TDM because of the courser class, it is more than feasible to get more than 100 kills in TDM.

I was just playing casually and got 80/15 with a 30-40 player lobby if I would try hard then a 100 kills is fairly easily achieved and I'm not even among the better players in the game.

About 70% of the hits are instant kills on a courser because most people have low armour and you just have immense speed. This is wouldn't be a problem if it is hard to hit people and the class would be costly but neither is true.
Still, you could say: "git gud", but there are 2 problems with that imo.
First is that TDM should be fairly casual and for new players, it is together with Siege the mode for the new player. Now they just get smacked 24/7 if they play against the empire, you kill people that spawned 2 seconds ago.
Secondly is the bump hit which ties into the first point. People with less skill take shields to make blocking easier, with the courser you can easily bump someone and then instant kill him with the menavlion basically nothing you can do. Even people with lots of skill die constantly to this because as a courser you just ride into a fight and smack whatever you see.

The courser is broken for TDM and ruins the experience for people, especially new players.
Here is a little sample of my afternoon whacking people:

Hans 77

It's not so much the class itself is broken, but rather the weapon they are equipped with.

People have been bringing attention to the brokenness of menav cav for months, but to no avail.
Not knowing what a menavlion was, I looked it up.

Apparently it's a very strong, heavy weapon that was held by the second ranks and only used to counter cavalry charges.

And that is why TaleWorlds made it one of the fastest and most deadly anti-infantry weapons in the game.


Courser got nerfed twice already, together with the cavalry menavlion. They made the menavlion noticeably shorter, slower and deal less damage. Cavalry menavlions ability to kill people is heavily dependant on whether the player has heavy armour or not. In TDM a lot of people doesn't have proper armour (because gold system is broken and even if you get 5 kills in single life and die you'll get less gold than what you have started with) and because of that menavlion just slashes through everyone. I haven't seen cav menav 1 hit a heavy infantry yet, damage is always around 40-50. Also menavlion, as i mentioned, is pretty slow rn and you can block it easily and hit the even with a short 1h weapon. Only thing that might need a nerf is the thrust damage, not a lot of people expects thrust from a menavlion and that ****s up their blocks, and thrust damage is significantly higher than the swing damage(I dealt 230ish damage with thrust to the head and 150ish with swing to the head at the same speed). Also if you pick menav than you dont get to use a shield, which makes archers deadly against courser. Just leave coursers be and focus on how absurd spear damage against infantry is?
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In Skirmish it is fine because then you can actually pay proper attention to cav instead of a cluster**** like TDM. The bump and instakill is disgusting though.
Archers aren't deadly in TDM to coursers because you move around way too much to anticipate the one courser around the corner, in TDM you know what you have to face. Coursers are barely used as the horse only needs 2-3 shots to be downed.


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This is not the first time I have brought this video.

Heavy menavlion

The menavlion behind the pikes should be the slowest polearm to be used... this on foot. Wielding a manavlion on a horse is totally beyond absurd and should be practically unthinkable to use in this way. Now imagine that instead of this spear head (Partisana) we have a Germanic style heavyweight of >28 cm (boar spear head)

The menavlion should not have (by any means) the same handling as the khuzait glaive (its performance is plausible).

Finally check out this video:
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