In Progress Emissary System Not Working For Wives/Husbands or in Vilages

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No, I didn't use any mods.

Berzerker Jay

I notice the system was fixed to allow family to function as emissaries, but I tried with both my character's wife and his brother's wife, and at the same time, and they don't appear to be functioning with the system. I also left my go-to charmer companion with 80 Charm in a village for a very long time with no effect.

Just wanted to report in because both aren't what I'd normally do, so might go unnoticed -- the wives were left in town just because both were pregnant, and I was off a-warring, while the village was worth an emissary because of multiple powerful notables pumping out Battanian nobles.

Berzerker Jay

I don't have it saved at that specific point, but the same game with both wives still alive is in the upload I just did with the thread, "Mercenary Contract Not Up For Renewal After More Than 30 Days" in its description.
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