Embracing Clans and Expanding Semi-Competitive Potential

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I personally do not like the current design implementation of Multiplayer for Bannerlord - however this suggestion will tie into their current design philosophy as I believe expecting Taleworlds to overhaul an entire part of their game is rather unrealistic. I am and always will be a supporter of how Multiplayer was implemented in Warband.

Some background about myself - I am a veteran of Warband having played actively for more than 8 years. I have participated in both the Native and NW competitive scenes. Like many other competitive players, I find myself disappointed with the current implementation of Multiplayer for the game. I consider myself a very passionate member of the Oceania Competitive Community and as such I would like to see the game improved where-ever possible.

I assume by current design that Bannerlord is attempting to open itself up to a larger casual player-base - rather than being a niche Multiplayer game like Warband. Introduction of match-making modes and a class system mechanic does indicate this. I think there has been a missed opportunity with this current implementation - that being embracing the potential of clans and adding in features to help encourage active semi-competitive inter-play between clans.

Let me explain how I believe clans should be embraced and how this could be done:

The current implementation of match-making game-modes opens the way to a huge potential with encouraging competitive play. Skirmish is clearly intended to be competitive but there's no backbone system making it competitive, here is how I propose to change that.
  • Split match-making for Skirmish into casual and competitive.
  • Casual is open to anyone and will work as currently implemented.
  • Competitive requires yourself to be apart of a clan.
Clans will be a integrated mechanic of the game. You will be able to make a clan and when you have gained enough players you can set a banner (using the current Singleplayer banner designer) and you can set a tag in-game limited to x amount of words.
  • Clans would require 6 players or more to be considered formed and active. This would enable you to make a tag which is displayed in-game.
  • The banner selected would display on the player shield in-game and above the players character - or come up with another way of identifying clan members.
  • There would be a menu listing all clans within x region making it easy for casual players to search and find a clan where they can contact the leader through steam.
  • Allow Clans to directly challenge / match against another clan if mutually accepted - otherwise the process follows usual match-making formula.
Now this on it's own doesn't necessarily change much except for putting clan members against other clan members - let me get onto the third part which I consider to be the backbone of this suggestion.
  • Implement a leaderboard which ranks clans by region based off their win to loss ratio.
These suggestions all come together and successfully achieves the following:
  • Implementing longevity into the Skirmish game-mode which would otherwise become rather obsolete when dedicated servers are released.
  • Building upon the current design of Skirmish by embracing semi-competitive play with the introduction of clans and clan leaderboards.
  • Provides some necessary backbone for the competitive clan community which as of right now - feels neglected and left out with the current implementation of Multiplayer.
I don't necessarily believe this is a better alternative to Warband multiplayer but I believe this would be a unique feature that could be promoted by Taleworlds to help get people into Multiplayer. This would not provide a necessarily competitive mode for Bannerlord but rather a semi-competitive mode open to casuals and less serious players to compete for ranking on the leader-board. I think this would very much improve upon the current design Taleworlds have decided to implement into their game - but would not beat the niche that events, tournaments and private clan events provide as seen in Warband.
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Definetly +1 also for skirmish queues, also make it like moba queues solo/duo queue and 6-player-team queue so it'll avoid frustration of being challanged by a clan when playing in PUG and it'll improve clan vs clan battles and may turn it into a streamable exciting tactical battles that are also fun to watch.

I would implement this to captain mode aswell.


+1, great idea! It would be great if something like this could be implemented before we get our own community hosted servers, it'll make grinding Skirmish much more competitive and enjoyable.


@TaleWorlds even if you're not a fan of this format, you need to go hard and fast on competitive right now. This is the most players you'll ever have on your game (most likely) and the sooner there's the infrastructure needed for competitive play to go ahead the better for retaining the playerbase.


+1 hoping this is in the works, playing games competitively is way more enjoyable with developer support and this also leads to players staying around longer.


+1 This is a really good idea Xaime. This is a great way of implementing Competitive gameplay to Bannerlord and it is also a good way of players getting in contact with clans and regiments.


Looking across all modules of Warband, the people who played the most/longest were part of a team/clan.This is an extremely important way to retain players.
+1 there needs to be more clan friendly game modes and servers. To keep the community alive we want to be able to host servers for clans to be able to do events and have fun. At the moment it is a bit of a mess sorry to say.


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@TaleWorlds even if you're not a fan of this format, you need to go hard and fast on competitive right now. This is the most players you'll ever have on your game (most likely) and the sooner there's the infrastructure needed for competitive play to go ahead the better for retaining the playerbase.
they already tested a ranked system internally; i dont see what would be the difference to a competitive solo/duoq/teambased.
well a internal clan implementation wouldve been nice from the get go.
for stats i would prefer some web api tbh
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I appreciate the suggestion post because it's largely in-line with what I think should be added at some point. However, Bannerlord MP being what it is after all these years I can't really see any of this happening. The basic combat isn't even working and we're thinking about integrated game logic for clans.

I honestly expected much of this to be a thing seeing what an impact clans, tournaments and events had in Warband.
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