Elite troop customisation


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Would it be possible that the player and possibly the A.I lords too be able to slightly customise their elite troop (perhaps upon gaining significant influence). Perhaps getting 1 customisable elite troop slot where they can custom equip the troops with weapons, mounts and armour and maybe even equip them custom melee weapons using the in-game blacksmithing feature.

An alternative to giving the A.I. lords the ability to customise would be to just give most or every A.I. lord a unique or slightly different elite unit variant maybe linked to their clan. As such the player will be making a custom unit for his clan and not every lord needs their own unique unit as most would just be linked to their clans and some plainly might just not have the resources or influence to do so. Players might even be able to get access to other clans unique units through adoption into a clan or good relation though the number of elite unit variants the player has should be capped.

Just a suggestion I had for the dev team. Can't wait for bannerlord. If interested they can lemme know and I can flesh out the idea a bit more.


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Being able to design my own troop type is one of my biggest wishes. It would make playing a foreign invade more interesting, as you could design a unique army.
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I would absolutely low to create my own army tree. Cheap conscripts as recruits, with polearm, some shorter (cheap!) melee weapon, crossbow and bolts. Then step by step all the way to regulars where line splits into mounted and dismounted troops, everyone having same equipment because i like dismounting cavalry and ease of command it gives. It is not even overpowered, since my troops have to split their training between melee and ranged weapons. In battle they would form big columns (wider than they are long, or maybe even square) and march towards the enemy until at melee range, shooting while moving. Cavalry could either dismount and join in, follow behind as reserve or flank either mounted or dismounted.
I want all my weapons to have good anti armor capabilities, though i dont think warhammers (polearm) are good for cavalry so maybe just spears or spikes, as long as its something that can be used by both cavalry and infantry.

I would sacrifice some armor, though i don't know how much yet. Basically i want class cannon army with high morale and "endless" numbers, and will march into melee like swiss pike (and shot) formation, though obviously in earlier era equipment and some adjustments to tactics/equipment as demanded by time period and gameplay.
Also i want my troops to have as small upkeep as reasonably possible, but i dont mind if i have to initially pay more when i first enlist or upgrade them.

I really hope units in Bannerlord could each have their own morale. I would happily sacrifice some training for better morale (think of spending that time listening to propaganda instead), and my elite guards should be few in numbers, i should not be able to have more than for example 10% of my army as elite soldiers. Veterans sure, entire armies could be and were veterans sometimes, but not elites. But those elite soldiers i want to be as fanatical as possible, and they should not be discouraged by conscripts running away.

I would send them in battle in waves, weakest and newest of my troops accompanied by any foreign troops or mercenaries and other misc. troops in the first wave, second wave would have regulars and due to having more numbers than third wave and higher quality than first, would be strongest line, and one last charge of the "triarii", smaller group of elite troops who will win the day if others have failed.

And i do want all of this to be balanced, i don't want overpowered troops. I just want to choose how they fight and with what and get as close to what i described while still being balanced.

But being able to customize my elite troops is a good first step, i would be happy with that. I could use what ever i can recruit in game as first and second line and leave my customized elites as third line that fights way i want to.