Eliminate Western Empire Quest Doesn't End

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I playing campaign mod. I to joined Khuzait and I became King after death Monchug. You know, there are 2000 day quest time for "Investigate Neretsez Folly" quest. So I planned to talk to the 10th Lord in the last 100 days and conquered the entire Calradia in about 1900 days. So, thanks to the latest update, all kingdoms have disappeared. I talked to Arzagos and took the quest and successfully skipped many quests. But randomly, the Western Empire resurfaced with unknown people and 2 clans. And the quest seen in the picture below never ends. I thought maybe they would have settlements and if I took it the empire would disappear, so I tried a way to achieve this using mercenary clans, but it didn't work. What should I do?

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