Eliminate a faction - Forever

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I always thought that the best option would be to allow factions to die, and new ones to rise.

So here's my main thoughts on it:
  1. First we have the 'King in Exile' kind of deal, so for example, your character's faction (or any other faction) conquers Vlandia and defeats them utterly, the clans of Vlandia defect to different kingdoms once they have no fiefs and they can't be paid, some of them probably even join your kingdom, the royal clan attempts to raid etc until they run out of money (which no longer gets topped up as they have no fiefs to tax) and then they become a claimant that goes around the land's taverns looking for heroes to take up their cause (just like the claimants in Warband) You can then do a quest to resurrect that faction if you like.
  2. Secondly, we have the Rebel faction to sovereign nation option, so in this circumstance lets say Lageta rebels because it's been neglected, Barrus the leader of the rebellion stays in control of the town thanks to the empire being at war with too many people for them to take it back. Barrus declares himself duly elected king of Lageta and founds the Kingdom of Lageta (or like have a different name for kingdoms that get started in each town or types for each culture). The New kingdom of Lageta now can hire mercs, recruit clans and act exactly like the other factions even the player could join them! This would work even better with the idea I have had for a long time where you can INTENTIONALLY cause a rebellion in a town.
  3. Civil war and wars of succession, genuinely unsure of why this isn't a thing already. When a faction leader dies, currently blindly agrees and everything carries on as usual, but what if there are two options for the next king? what if your player character dies and some lords want your brother to be king instead of your eldest son, would be pretty sick. Invert the colours of the faction for the rebels, have them fight each other to decide, would be wicked if this was your faction as well as npc factions.
So yeah
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