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Hello everyone,

I came back to Warband due to a new Mod that came out and its just incredibly. If you guys are into Lord of the Rings then you should check out this mod as well.

Its something totally new in the way of how to use the old Warband engine and the devs actually are running it on steroids on how much stuff they put into it.

Due the old engine, its a little complicated and confusing at first on how to play the game (each map has a server because you cant fit all the objects on one server, its just too much. so they got the travelling system and stuff).

So i made this Overview video on how to play it and what is important to know before jumping into the mod. I hope you guys gonna try it out, cause its really awesome

before someone asks: they were developing the mod for 6 years and Taleworlds are planning a Function to import old Mod Assets from Warband to Bannerlord. Maybe it will work cause the amount of love for detail the modder team put into the mod is just too much.
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