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Election system still ruins the game. Please delete, let player run own faction, please make strategy game!

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I don't want to see peace votes when I'm in the middle of a siege. I don't want to be forced to vote before I can send troops to finish a siege or to sell my ENTIRE FACTION OF PRISONERS. I don't want to waste influence to block peace. I JUST WANT TO PROGRESS THE GAME MY WAY, with my plan, MY WAY! ME, THE PLAYER! THE CUSTOMER! I don't want to use the stupid, nonsense logic you programed the AI to use for voting!

It doesn't matter what the power/fief ratio is if I have the entire enemy faction poisoner, the vassals can do whatever they need to to build up with no threat, but they want to vote for peace because they don't know that. You should just delete this system, they don't need to vote for peace!

You made them stupid on purpose to prevent them from snowballing, but you need to make the PLAYER's system 100% separate because we DO NO WANT to use the same stupid reasoning the AI bots do! I don't need to be artificially sandbagged! I do not want it!

Have any Devs ever even played an actual game this far?

This goes for anyone wanting to defend these mechanics, show your late game maps or your non-opinion speculation is just hot air.
If you haven't experienced the system then why should anyone care what you think about it?

What was your positive experience in the late game regarding vassals voting for peace or war in rapid succession?

Was there a time when you felt the game was better because you couldn't set a target for your vassals to siege?

Is there a time the game was more rewarding and interesting because you vetoed a vassal proposal only to have them make the same proposal in a short time anyways and/or contrary proposals such as wanting both peace and new wars?

Have you used the new Clan creation system and did you find it useful compared to vetoing vassal proposals with your influence?

When/if you reach the power threshold where all factions will declare war on you, did you like that vassals will still calculate to vote for peace and release all prisoners, even though this peace is only a few days and dramatically benefits the other factions over their own?

Edit: A couple compromising ideas
What I would really like as a compromise is a bounty/reward system where the player/ruler can set a soft target for siege to encourage it's capture so vassal may choose the players desired target over one the AI score favors.

I think a reward/alternative to a strait veto would work too: I counter propose this peace proposal with a war bonus from my treasury to compensate!
Yeah devs, this guy is right, you should add the easiest game mode: Ananda Difficulty Level.


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Yeah devs, this guy is right, you should add the easiest game mode: Ananda Difficulty Level.
I know you're trolling and didn't read anything, but nothing I ask reduces difficulty, it only increases player agency. As is, the game already last 2x, 3x, 10X longer then if I defeated the entire map with just my own party ASAP. So it it's an unbelievably stupid idea that just making it last longer via bad vassal choices is increasing the challenge in anyway. That's not what difficulty or challenge are.
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