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I always listen to strange bands and this time happened that i discovered those turkish guys, that are not bad at all.

They sing in english too ofc.

Flecha show us some good\famous turkish bands ! ! !

( always from the lama guys, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIBp244IXdg epic song again : O )


I don't like listening Turkish song mostly,you should listen couple song from Duman.I'll send couple famous song tomorrow.
m1tchell23 said:
guys need to know if we should quit our team for the mmnfc, yes or no people!!
Nah, lets play those last match(es) - if they ever happen; mabye Flust is waiting for next fall - just for accuracy reasons.
Zanges said:
When, how, what, against who, can I come, ??

I need information!

Btw, I recently bought Warband for a third time, this time on steam (I wonder if my ID will change because of this) Not because I can finally interact with you guys while players, no. god no. I just like the achievements.
Did you buy it or did our little santa pikachu buy it for you? :razz:


i have a gamersgate and steam key and the steam warband tends to change my other key i usually use which has its effect on my ID. Would stay with no-steam version. At least for me its less laggy.


Tommorow it's time to unseath bottle of vodka and pillage trough vikingr and/or TS!


That ensures good condition for the vikingr event :grin:

Could've started today but I have to be on shape for the gym at morning :mrgreen:


Nothing fascinating, studying IT engineering and drinkin my ass off.
Not too busy right now because new period has just started so I can postbone my projects for couple of months.

Right now, I also drink from my endless stock of vodka and try to kill even one fennrisbane dude in vikingr using seax.
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