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Blead said:
Aye, Eirikur layed a curse on the Einherjar Jarls. Every helmet is now magnetic, attracting all sorts of projectiles.

fu eikurt.

But yeah, the more the merrier, seriously. I reckon how ever many we bring Niflheim can match, we could maybe have a old fashioned large clan match. :razz:

You guys would be very much welcome. :smile:
Throw Davee into that, as well as Fennris if he is drunk. Davee was probably our best archer after Woden left, Fennris being a beast [for some reason] when drunk. And Tor! Tor, with KOcken, Krax and Corey, damn that was a fine cavalry team.


Damn.  :evil:

Fresh snow here, so I spent the day hiking and long distance skiing.  :razz:

Maybe some other time, we can have an "old-timers" day of pubbing.
poor sportsmanship from you guys in my opinion, calling us hackers wont be having any matches in the future if i have anything to do with it.
Robin: u have aimbot not fun XD
Robin: see getting kild from my spawn :O
Mitchell: non of us have it
Robin: lol
Robin: why are u guys trolling?
Robin: just asking
Mitchell: this is a fun match for us
Mitchell: with old memers who havent played in ages
Robin: ok
Robin: u do
Robin: i saw it at my program
Robin: Leaderboss
Robin: tell him to not use it
Mitchell: we dont have aimbot or any hacks, stop being sore losers
Robin: nope
Robin: u have
Robin: one guy in ur clan told me
Robin: so...
Mitchell: who?
Robin: doesn't matter
Robin: but 1 guy told me
Mitchell: of course, but you cant name him
Mitchell: convenient
Robin: why should i name him?
Mitchell: yes
Mitchell: because other wise you are just being a sore loser
Robin: nah
Robin: we are actually better
Robin: if u wasn't using hacks
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