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I'm raging on skyrim.

You know that part in the mainstoryline where you get send back in time with the Elder scroll to figure out the Dragonrend shout? My "flashback" keeps getting bugged. Either Alduin is not landing (the ****er) or in the end battle the woman is not dying so those 4 keep whacking at eachother without actually hitting eachother (the ****ers).

I tried the kill command, the disable command and I even tried swearing at it. But after 5 times they still couldn't do it.

I'm going for my sixth now.. Maybe if I insult their mothers? ..

I'll have to see what Nagl is doing tonight, he should be around. We have a Deluge event to attend at 6/7pm, depending on what the admins decide to do with the time shift to winter time.
I wish Angantyr would participate too.

A good team would be:
- Naglfaar
- Eirikur
- Angantyr
- Úlfheðinn
- ChaosAD
- Fyrd
- Krax
- KOcken
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