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Angantyr said:
Glorious northern raven gif, Blead.

Beautiful, intelligent, great companions, can imitate numerous words, can live up to 40 years, great beak. You can even go hunting with them, they'll hack out the eyes of your quarry.

Some remarkable feats of problem-solving have been observed in the species, leading to the belief that it is highly intelligent. Over the centuries, it has been the subject of mythology, folklore, art, and literature. In many indigenous cultures, including those of Scandinavia, ancient Ireland and Wales, Bhutan, the northwest coast of North America, and Siberia and northeast Asia, the Common Raven has been revered as a spiritual figure or god -wikipedia

In most of Europe you will have to adopt a wild one though, as they are illegal as pets, which of course is only good for the ravens, belonging in the wild as most other animals (including a majority of common pets).

Btw, new (2012) Die Antwoord  :!:
'I FINK U FREEKY' (2012)
Dat post.
Just to pad myself and Arrow on the back(No I don't know how the saying goes) I had quite a amusing read after re-reading my own Dwarf Fortress story.

I'm currently not playing DF safe for a occasional adventure game but I don't see that going well. I'm going to try and become a necromancer. If I ever find something worth writing about I will, promise.


Don't forget, match tomorrow!
Zero now, thanks to you. But to be honest...
[me=Apox]makes mathematical calculations.[/me]
25 hours. Is that right? :eek:
Ladies and Gentlemen,


be sure to check out the other videos from Levitate666 for more Einherjar and KOcken goodness! (Vikingr also included)
We don't organize it like a event. It's a flash mob! You just need enough people on TS and you can do whatever fun you wish. Until IG bans you for having fun. I'm not telling names.

NaglFaar said:
Blead said:
Yay, my awesome video. How can you not know that it's me? I also made the Vikingr Trailer that you have there and "Wild life of KOcken".
How we planned "Wild life of KOcken". It took hours to make that one :grin:
i already told blead a few times.
Someone shared the video in TS while we all were in a great mood (because of just such a event!)
it was weird seeing all those names of "veteran" players again
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