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The exceeding arrow said:
NaglFaar you old bastard give us a warning when you are on TS! i haven't spoken with you in months man!
Yeah, and I haven't spoken to you in years!
Our first time has yet to happen. :razz:
NaglFaar said:
All I hear is bull****! You weak mofos... Drink beer/ booze and shut the **** up!
Bang your heads like there is no tomorrow. The gods will only be pleased, the more **** you stir up.

I wish that I can have the opportunity to celebrate my next Midvinterblot with you guys. And here is a song to remember it by:
This riff's rhythming with the hangover banging in my head.


EDIT: I seem to have had a good time as well, judging by all these bloodied knuckles.
Love them :grin:

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