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Apox said:
My friend sees dreams about penguins, now that's interesting for me. Because, ehm... lemme tell it.

My friend had a chemics exam but he didn't study. Next day, he started to study when 5 minutes left to exam. As he saw the exam, he couldn't solve any of questions. With a hope of finding a copy under his desk, he checked there with his hand. But he found a... PENGUIN instead of a copy! However, the penguin talks and it tells him the answers! And then he got a high mark from exam. :lol:

It is hilarious, isn't it? :razz:

This is so cool :grin:

My one was very stupid:

I was supposed to go to a theme park in the dream. I was so excited that firstly I jumped so loudly that earth itself started to vibrate. Minutes later I turned on the news channel and they were showing the earthquake in Japan...
Hours later, I was on my way to the glorious theme park, I had no money and I had no idea of how to get in. Therefore for some damn reason guess what I payed with? Paperclips :grin:
When I came home from Spain were we had Prue graduation party and I was drunk like 24/7 for 7 days. I dreamed that I was back there and I even walked around my room and I thought that am still in my room in Spain :grin:
Blead said:
My current state of mind.

Scumbag brain I'm trying to study.

Blead said:
Scumbag brain I'm trying to study.

I have a lot of math homework to do and also a history exam tomorrow, but I'm not going to make these homework. At least, I'll study to history. :razz:
when the guy that sticks a knife and tries to strangle his opponent with his guts... that guy with the hook says "Alright you got alot of guts Oscar" ^^
All I hear is bull****! You weak mofos... Drink beer/ booze and shut the **** up!
Bang your heads like there is no tomorrow. The gods will only be pleased, the more **** you stir up.

I wish that I can have the opportunity to celebrate my next Midvinterblot with you guys. And here is a song to remember it by:
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