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I can see the point of view from both sides here. But please leave these discussions. They are dead ends and don't lead anywhere.
We had something awesome but it died when a lot of the core members left. Now they have something good and they're fine with that. So leave them be, please.

The old spirit that we loved, disappeared. At least when the clan was closed. Then they chose to open up a new one with the same name and some of the newold members and a handful of veterans. They like the new clan and the new ways they have, even if no one knew what Yggdrasil was when I logged on last time on the old battlegrounds server.

I see now when I read through this that it sounds patronizing... That is NOT my intent!
I like you guys a lot and I like the fact that you keep fighting for the new clan. I shows determination and spirit. But it's not what it was, so what?
Times change and we all know that. Now get back on to Idaslätten and work out those axe-arms.

I don't even know why this is brought up time and time again. Just leave it be...
Thanks Nagl. Some of us veterans still here remember, and still respect what you've done for the clan, even if to some it seems that we are completely alien to the old ways.

I miss the old, but I am also enjoying the new. Thanks again for making it happen at all, and thanks to the rest of whom with I've had so many good memories, because god knows I would never had enjoyed another clan as much as this one.

That said, let's bury this hatchet now as Nagl said. The past is the past and let us no longer dwell upon it.

On another note; the age restriction is more to deter people below that age from applying. In this recent case, I have had many positive recommendations from people withing the community, so I felt it fair to give them a trial, albeit a slightly more intense one. Hopefully that clears things up.
Spesh said:
Am i classed as a veteran now? or do i just get bonus points for being Scottish?
I don't know you've always had a speshial place in this clan. :razz:

@ Naglfaar, thank you for not going bap**** insane like Eirikur. You should join TS sometimes I enjoy your drunken singing.
Blead said:
I should stop having lucid dreams.

I dreamed I was in a big empty room when suddenly Corey was shouting "Blead come here we have a clan match!" I went through the door and saw corey with a bunch of dogs shouting "TOP DOG ***********!" and all the dogs started barking. I saw a little chihuahua who looked like broomstick because everytime he barked it sounded like "GF! GF!". There were also 2 German shepherds from whom I suspect were Hengist and Amon and a dog with a crown who was probably Jur.

I asked him who we were fighting against. Then I heard Titan's voice only 10 times louder and deeper. "BOATPEOPLE!" and then there was this river with just some boats lying around aimlessly.
Corey jumped towards a boat but was hit by a paddle. "He got me! He got me!" he screamed. "Harkon save me!" Then a female dog (ahum *****) grabbed the paddle and walked away with it wiggling her tail.

I was like "This is way to crazy I'm leaving" So I entered the big room again which was now a street and I just KNEW I was in Taleworlds town when I saw this big mansion with red lights and potato's stuck to the fences. "That must be CoR!".

I wondered around the streets and saw some pretty disturbing things.. like an entire street filled with people sticking Muskets into their.. well you know.. and I saw what I thought was the offtopics which looked a lot like Las Vegas.

Then again Lucid dreams are fun.
Awesome dream :grin:
blead and i keep trying to get lucid dreams since we saw some posts about it on 9gag but blead is having more luck then i am.. i only had 1 or 2 lucid dreams
My friend sees dreams about penguins, now that's interesting for me. Because, ehm... lemme tell it.

My friend had a chemics exam but he didn't study. Next day, he started to study when 5 minutes left to exam. As he saw the exam, he couldn't solve any of questions. With a hope of finding a copy under his desk, he checked there with his hand. But he found a... PENGUIN instead of a copy! However, the penguin talks and it tells him the answers! And then he got a high mark from exam. :lol:

It is hilarious, isn't it? :razz:
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