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No, I didn't use any mods.
im making a map and i noticed doorways of every structure make you be able to clipp the camera and look tough the doorway battle that can be an there any mathod to fix this or this is on your end...i really need solution for this issue..
when standing in doorway and moving the camera you can clipp the camera and see the inside of the structures..any way to deal with this?

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Was the camera on free mode while you were capturing this screenshot?
Can you check if the models you are clipping the camera has the right physic object properties?
You need to make sure that the all face normals of the physics objects are looking outside.
Also, you can check the flags of the objects. Please make sure that they dont have the "disabled" flag. If you have any other flag on the object that you are not sure what the flag is doing you can disable those flags as well.
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