Need More Info General editor crash lead to not able to load the saved map anymore

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been doing a map in the editor and for the past day i was getting grouping and ungrouping actions making the editor crashing until the last time few hours ago i could not load the map ever crash as soon as i try to load the map..also the backup load also crash..

i fear the worse that i lost the map forever..
its been 350 hours work and i cannot load it anymore..
please tell me there is a fix for it or you can solve this somehow..
yea i sent you a crash report when it happened with the tool thing that poped up when the crash ahppened..but few days later i gave up on the map and consider it lost forever.. :<
i remember adding a discription of what happen in the crash...i was grouping few prefabs together and the editor kept crashing every few times i did that until i could not load the map anymore
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