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Hello Everyone, First of all I want to thank the developers for this awesome experience and for taking their time to make this mod.
Secondly I am not expert when it comes to modding. ( Not Even Newbie)
So I wanted to create my own troops in player faction using Morghs M&B WB-WFAS Editor, but when I do that first of all they won't appear in recruit screen and the game crashes, so if you will be so kind to help me out with this issue.
Note: I did try to edit the blank knight but also no luck.
Here is what I tried to do:
I wanted to make Farmers able to upgrade to slave drivers, crushers and it worked.
I tried to make upgrade the player faction army tree like the low melee units to upgrade to Sargent, they won't appear in recruitment screen
I changed the archers the player faction from crossbow to bow and gave them my own bow that I created.
I changed some stat with knights the player faction because I thought it was very low for they don't have any special abilities like other normal faction does.
I made new units to bandits since the bandits were a bit weak and edited the spawn party, same goes to menhunter.

Thank you for reading and I am new here so if I did or said anything I apologize in advance, and I do hope to get a solution for my problem.