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Hello ! (please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong section. I'm a bit lost with the new forums)

I have a question about M&B WFAS
Does anyone know how to edit the items available at the mercenaries camps?
For example I would like to chance the pikeman armour for an other one.

My guess is : as in the mercenary camps there are just some armours and weapons available, there must be some lines in the code that indicate "the armours available for customising the mercenaries will be this one, this ones and this one".

Does it work like this ? How can I do this ?
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Eärendil Ardamírë

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Hm, you could first note down which items are all available in the mercenary camps and then you get their respective item_id from module_items and search for them in module_scripts etc. At some points they might appear which connects you with the camps.
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Eärendil Ardamírë

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No, the module system for WFaS is available in the download repository here:

You will however have it harder to switch your stuff perhaps if you aren't used yet to modding with the module system. Not sure for how deep you want to dive into it.
Here would be the starting guide, you can follow it for WFaS modding as well
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Python Saint
So I need a program to open python files, correct ?

Notepad (bad choice)
Notepad++ (good choice). Just add a folder plugin like "explorer plugin" to handle multiple files
SublimeText (my favourite for MBScript)
Visual Studio Code (good choice if you want to learn for Bannerlord too)
Any other rich text editor that focus on coding. Free ones work perfectly fine. Just dont use a document editor like Word (Microsoft), wrong kind of program.
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